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We are German students and are refused information that helps us by our Government. Can you give example of when you write: Christian Zionism, Dispensationalism, Fundamentalism, Scofieldism,


We are groups of German students denied by our Government information which to them does not pay to their pockets and feather their own nests.

Can you give us examples of when you use such terms in English as: Christian Zionism, Dispensationalism, Fundamentalism, and Scofieldism. Thank you.

Above you see one of our Flyers we published years ago. It is all about those words you mention above. Briefly, all these different word Cult representations have one thing in common and that is:

The Bible is right and Infallible because we can see the ‘Jews’ have returned to their former land.

These Cults are obsessed with this notion because it proves to them that the Bible is right and God’s Infallible Word.

A good example of such is the Billy Graham movement, and as Political Cult member, we can mention Barbara Just-Dahlmann.
These Cults with their various Doctrine have been thoroughly dealt with by us throughout the years.

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