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Transparency question of the Day

Transparency question of the day

Question to Peter Launsky (Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal)

According to UN Press Release Note No. 6403 there are 63 countries to which the Zionist produced film on the ‘Holocaust’ will be sent, or, as they say: ‘the film will be made available to educators in 63 countries through the global network of United Nations Information Centres’.

Who are these EDUCATORS who now aid in making this Goebbels propaganda known to the public? Do such EDUCATORS exist? Evidently in 63 countries these EDUCATORS are waiting for the Final Solution truth via a film produced by Zionists to excuse their Genocide of Bible bogus ‘Israel’ against the Palestinians, resulting in that such War Criminals as Angela Merkel will call Genocide for just a small skirmish.

And all this is done to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC).

Let’s have a list of these ‘educators’. Or are they just members of the local Synagogues? As far as we know there does not exist such EDUCATORS. Hence it’s all an Emperor New Clothes affair just as the contents of the film will show.

Transparency please, Mr. Peter Launsky. We are paying you the wages, not Israel.

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