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Devil’s Den

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From Inside the Devil’s Den: Political Satanism in action

Political Skepticism and Political Reality


Recent visit by Spain’s Mariano Rajoy to USA, which was made out as an effort by Spanish politicians to once more appear Kosher, had, in Political Reality, actually been yet another stage for Spain to serve as one of the main Colonial powers to reshape and reconquer Africa for the new Colonial Powers of the New World Order.

Secretly and behind the scene Spain was asked to send more troops and engage itself fully in the War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity by the New World Order.

SOURCE: ABC, January 15:1 and following pages; El Pais, 20 January:1, 9, on page 16 it reveals how the Spanish Government refuse to call Franco’s Death Squads as Terrorist, nicely proving the word TERRORIST is in reality Newspeak, on page 33 about Sex activities of Jimmy Savile and how BB was involved with it and their cover-up.

Devil's Den Rajoy

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