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An open letter to an open Antisemite Manuel Valls of France

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An Open letter to an open Antisemite Manuel Valls of France

My dear Antisemite, Manuel Valls,

DIRECT TO THE HORSE’S MOUTH: In the year of 1945, directly at the end of World War 2, two French Jewish Generals entered my parent’s house in Innsbruck, Austria, and stole everything in the house in an act against the Geneva Conventions and considered a War Crime and a Crime Against Humanity.

The Jewish French Generals put everything onto French military trucks, and brought the loots to France. Where the plunder is today I do not know. The loot belonged to my Norwegian mother who had brought it to South of Europe at her marriage with my Italian father. At the time of the looting of the house by the French Jewish Generals, my parents had fled under dramatic circumstances to Italy which almost ended with killing us all as we came into the midst of a terrific snowstorm. Via communication from smugglers we were told of the criminal French Jewish War Crime act.

After coming to Sweden as refugees in 1949 my mother reported everything to the Swedish Foreign Office. She did not know at the time that this office and the whole of its Judiciary was run by people contaminated with drug abuse. The Swedish officials however let her know she would get the stolen loot back. Nothing happened however and today we are in 2014.

I reported about this War Crime and Crime Against Humanity act to your Antisemitic companion, Mr. Francois Hollande, but have heard nothing from him. Perhaps he is looking for Bedbugs at some of his girlfriends. As it may take some time before he has located the insurgents I take the time to make direct contact with you who appears to be a valiant Knight fighting the Petrach and Don Quixote battle for honor and prestige.

As Interior Minister you have of course the responsibility to clear this War Crime and Crime Against Humanity up, done to my Family by your French Jewish Army.

Please contact the Swedish Foreign Office, run at this moment by Carl Bildt, and let him know about the progress in search of the stolen loot and the prosecution of those criminals involved with stealing the plunder.

I myself stand in contact with the Swedish Foreign Office at a continual basis and my wish is both for you, and for the perpetual political con men, that; impotency has not reached the chronic state. My intention is to give the stolen loot to Norway as they have deep cultural value as much of it concerned valuable Art work paintings, photographs, and historical matter my grandfather had taken with him from America while he was living there, back home to Norway.

May this matter once and for all be investigated and brought to successful conclusion.

With warm Quenelle greetings I remain your servant and slave,

Ditlieb Felderer, January 25, 2014

Anorexia Slim is a Yogist and does her Yoga Quenelle salute in laying-down position. Observe Anorexia Slim’s hand position in Quenelle fashion. Her derriere is turned against the Wailing Wall, with eyes not heavenward, in refusal of the cruel Jewish Tribal God Jehovah, The Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky. Slim is a Positive Antisemite, a hence, rejects the Olah Sex Cult and the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult.
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