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Sweden involved in a World Scandal: Blamed Islam for introducing Censorship to Sweden and Europe

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Sweden involved in a World Scandal

Blamed Islam for introducing Censorship to Sweden and Europe

Islam had absolutely nothing to do for the Censorship in Sweden and Europe

There does not exist one shred of documentary proof indicating that Islam ever had anything to do with the Censorship in Sweden or rest of Europe

The Swedish State run, and State payed Media such as Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, published on March 10, 2010, in unison, Lars Vilks mediocre cartoon about the Muhammad Dog, with the papers making it out Islam stood behind Europe’s Censorship. Lars Vilks, a horrible artist, knowing he can’t paint, used the occasion to make himself famous at the cost of Islam. Vilks was praised all over Sweden for his BRAVE action in support of ‘Free Speech’. When Ditlieb Felderer produced his cartoons, numerous terrorist attacks were carried out by the Sweden Government against him and his Philippine wife. His whole home was destroyed and taken over by police who used it for their sex friends. His family photographs were stolen along with other material which is a War Crime and Crime against Humanity. Evidently Sweden politicians know how to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.

By blaming Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam, Sweden was able to make it out by manipulations and its corrupt politicians and State run media, that it was Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami who were responsible for Censorship and absence of Free Speech in Sweden

Here are some names of those criminal involved and that took part in the Conspiracy making it out as it was Islam that brought Censorship to Sweden and rest of Europe: Olof Alsen, Leif Appelgren, Lars-Goran Asbring, Beatrice Ask, Carl Bildt, Hans Bjork, Jan Bjorklund, Lennard Bodstrom, Thomas Bodstrom, Rajo Bohman, Anders Borg, Willy Brandt, Birgitta Cronier, Hans Danelius, Karin Enstrom, Eskil Franck, Lennart Groll, Jonas Hafstrom, Bengt Hamdahl, Kjell Henriksson, Frank Hirschfeldt, Johan Hirschfeldt, Tora Holst, Torsten Jonsson, Gustaf Lagerbjelke, Goran Lambertz, Orjan Landelius, Bengt Lannergren, Jan Levin, Agneta Isborn Lind, Marta Lindberg, Ingvar Lindell, Rolf Lundmark, Johan Munck Lars Naimell, Rabbi Morton Narrowe, Svante Nordin, Olof Palme, Goran Persson, Nils Quensel, Hans Regner, Fredrik Reinfeldt, Sten Rudholm, Hakan Rustand, Anna Skarhed, Lennart Selin, Gunnar Sillaste, Hans Stark, Stefan Szende, Olle Tunberg, Erik Ullenhag, Lars Vilks, Wilhelm Wachtmeister, Bertil Wennberg, Bertil Werner, Olle Westberg, Per Westberg, Herman Zetterberg

In a Conspiracy Zionists have used Europe to fight its War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

Sweden continues to flaunt civilized mind by its manipulations and lies, not the least now with its war against Afghanistan where it tries to hide for the Afghan people of its ruthless politicians who use the spiritual and physical dagger to slaughter down people of a free mind:
Preview of “Blank 3”

Working with ruthless terror and manipulations, Sweden sought to assassinate Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife:
Preview of “y”_2

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