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Sweden’s secret ‘Forum for levande historia’, its intolerance, war mongering, and violent activities


It is an insult against humanity to call this impotent Mafia clan for ‘living history’ when all they got are Alzheimer type victims in their midst! The only thing that makes them go are huge tax payers stolen money!

It is not their intention as they stand behind much of the Terror acts. Its members have repeatedly carried out violence and terrorist acts to silence what to them seem ‘heretics’, ‘blasphemous’ sinful persons, ‘enemies of the great God Jehovah’, etc.

All of them, whose names are known, are Thought Terrorists (TT). Thus, not one of them have stood up for Free Speech and they wallow in Censorship which is their daily vitamin intake.

Very little is known of those who work there, except for its Fuhrer, Doctor Goebbels, Eskil Franck. But even here it is limited. His wages and benefits are kept utter secret.

In its self-made Wikpedia article nothing is mentioned of the other Thought Terrorists (TT) except for Fuhrer Eskil Franck. The budget is a state secrecy. No mention has ever been made of it. The benefits to its other Cosa Nostra clan members are neither mentioned. One thing is for sure, it is the State who pays for the whole Show Business.

The recent happenings in Sweden show this secret Mafia outlet has totally failed. There does not exist one emigrant in Sweden who does not look at it as a hard-core racist outlet. Many feel the recent happenings are much on the blame of this Thought Terrorist outlet which worship Censorship and adores people being Censorship charged and thrown into Swedish Concentration Camps, to be abused and tortured.

It has also been blamed for using Euphemism. Thus all its members are Holocaust Deniers (HD), fanatically engaged with hiding the Stalin Holy Shrine at the Auschwitz Vomitorium, the Hitler Swimming Pool at the Auschwitz Recreation And Sport Camp, the meaning of the Greek word Holocaust, and why it seems so scared of using the Hebrew Shoah for its Show Business.

Furthermore, it has been shown this super secret Cosa Nostra clan outfit is also used to cover-up the massive Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Some say, it has little interest amongst the public. But if so, from where does it derive its luxurious budget, and which money laundering channels are involved to distribute the loot?

The fact that they so religiously hide the violence and terrorist acts done by their members against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife, indicate quite well that behind it all stand violence and terror acts.

About the various War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity acts done by Sweden, not the least in Afghanistan, is conveniently covered-up lest people will ask the question why their tax money should go to such a hard-core, Supremacist outfit.

As expected the obfuscate operations of the Thought Terrorist outfit mentions nothing about the perpetrators of the killing: the Jewish Sonderkommando. Those who craved for alcohol, condoms, women’s underwear and visits to the Auschwitz Brothel at Block 24. It also keeps secret that the words ‘Holocaust’ and ‘Olah’ mean the male Penis going up into an erection to do the job it was meant to do, and thereby in double meaning make themselves into Holocaust Deniers (HD).

We scientific test the Underwear Doctrine and the Bicycle Doctrine.

Preview of “'” (2)

The LIVING HISTORY FORUM in Sweden, HD, TT Fuhrer Eskil Franck, continues to religiously hide the meaning of the sacred Phallic sex word ‘HOLOCAUST’

Sweden deputy to Rabbi Morton Narrowe calls Ditlieb Felderer in l979, telling him, he hates him, and is prepared to assassinate him. The assassin caller was in the pay of the Swedish Government.
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 44 Seconds

The Grand Father of Ditlieb Felderer was a Veterinarian and artist, and collector of Art in Norway. Virtually his whole collection were stolen in a War Crime, Crime Against Humanity assault by two French Jewish Generals in 1945 who brought the loot to France. Sweden’s corrupt politicians have Denied taking up this case and sought to silence by trickery and terror that it be disclosed.

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