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Where in France and Israel are the stolen Art work from the Ditlieb Felderer family?

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Where in France and Israel are the Art works stolen from the Ditlieb Felderer family?

Art and Cultural Property Crime

In 1945 while the Ditlieb Felderer family had fled to Italy, two French Jewish Generals entered their home in Innsbruck in Austria carting away on their military trucks everything. That included paintings which the mother had inherited in Norway and which then at her marriage were brought to South Europe, finally inside the home at Innsbruck, in Austria.

Where these paintings are today no one knows, and so far the Swedish Foreign Office, whose head today is Carl Bildt, have refused to go ahead with an investigation.

The entry of the Felderer home by the two French Jewish Generals and plundering the home is considered a War Crime, Crime Against Humanity, and violation of Geneva Conventions.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of these paintings please contact Ditlieb Felderer and the Swedish Foreign Office.

SOURCE: Bild, December 30, 2013:9

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