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Picture of the Day

At left is seen today’s Sweden Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, who to this day has done nothing about the War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and France violations against the Geneva Conventions in stealing all the belongings of the Ditlieb Felderer family.

To the right is seen Thug member, Olle Wastberg. While Ditleb Felderer was abused and tortured inside Sweden Concentration Camps, Hooligan Olle Wastberg, sent a letter to Philip Spender of Index on Censorship which was published in the paper. In his letter, Olle Wastberg, claims that the torturing of Ditlieb Felderer was OK and the officials say he is OK. Thug member, Olle Wastberg of course never contacted Ditlieb Felderer, much less visit the Concentration Camp into which the Sweden corrupt politicians had thrown Ditlieb Felderer in order to cover up the War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC).

At this moment, Per Wastberg, the brother of Olle Wastberg, who was then chief editor of Sweden Zionist paper, DAGENS NYHETER, gave Philip Spender and his Index on Censorship a prize, using public money, just to keep their eyes and mouth shut. DAGENS NYHETER lives fully on tax payers money, as do many other Swedish papers.

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