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An open letter to Mr Jean-Pierre Chevenement

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Dear Mr. Jean-Pierre Chevenement,

In connection with Swedish attorney Henning Sjostrom I came upon your name and I am asking for your help.

In 1945 two Jewish Generals entered my parents home in Innsbruck in Austria, stealing everything in the house: family photographs, family history material, food, utensils, paintings, etc., which my Norwegian mother had inherited in Norway.

My grandmother with her children, then moved to Sweden where she opened up a tourist hotel, Eds Turisthotell. After marrying my father, my mother’s inheritance was then put on train wagons and brought to South of Europe, and finally settled at Innsbruck in Austria inside a house.

The two Jewish French Generals then put all the belongings of the house onto their military trucks, and brought the loot to France. Where the plunder is today, I do not know.

My family had fled to Italy, so the two Jewish Generals were free to carry out their War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions, as they pleased.

But where is all this material? The photographs, the paintings, the silver candles, the gold covered utensils, etc., etc.? I am enlisting your help to try and find it. Please contact Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, and try and make him see his responsibility, and just not give his attention to his war against Afghanistan.

The Swedish Foreign Office were notified about this plunder at start. In 1949 we came as refugees from Italy, and my mother contacted the Swedish Foreign Office soon after arrival. They promised to follow through on it as they realized this act was a War Crime, Crime Against Humanity, and in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Now that all the attention is brought on France about the sex affairs between Francois Hollande and his bed mates, Valerie Trierweiler and Julie Gayet and the scandals with the Dieudonne affair, I like to bring some order into the Sex Affairs and bring attention to this Crime against my family, and so I bring the matter up once more in order to be solved once and for all.

Yours truly, Ditlieb Felderer

Picture below shows Jean-Pierre Chevenement

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