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Using ‘Petrarch Honor’ to Censor the Internet

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States set in to regulate under guise of ‘crime and honor’ and for your ‘protection’ and ‘security’

Machiavelli and today NSA and TSA show this ‘honor’ to be but bunk

In order to tranquilize its bewildered obedient slaves Governments like to make show of being there for your ‘security’. You only get ‘security’ by obediently following the steps ordained to you by Big Brother.

Thus in a recent case involving WhatsApp and youth, Government want to stop messages that they call ‘crime’ and to protect your ‘honor’. And so WhatsApp has been involved with a present case in which the State has put its foot in to protect the kids, while the same kids can watch movies where rapes, serial killing, and shooting go on all the time, and tell kids that their brave soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan and elsewhere, killing men, women, and children for your ‘security’.

Long before, Machiavelli, showed that all this Petrarch ‘honor’ is bunk and out of existence in reality. And only God knows how many wars have been fought under the banner of ‘honor’ and ‘patriotism’, and ‘security’. And all this ballyhoo got effectively sold by Apostle Paul in Romans 13:1-7.

Machiavilli showed ‘honor’ is fiction. What rules is deceit, treachery, cheating, lying, deception, murder, fornication, bribery, extortion and drivel galore.

America’s First Amendments with Article 1 show once more that Limited Censorship is evil because by it he who has the power can stop any adversary on the spot using law and police. That makes Europe into a police State, either you like it or not.

SOURCE: Canarias7, January 16, 2014:1, 37

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