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How to remove Flea Louse also called Dog Flea manually

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Yes you can remove Flea Louse, also called :dog flea, jumper, skipper, hopper, leaper, fleahopper, etc., manually

How much work it will be will depend on the dog’s size and type of hair. Here is the method for manually removing Dog Lice from your dog if he has loose hair, not tightly joined:

1. Get a moderate large bucket preferable transparent or having white color so you can see the insect. Put it half filled with water. 2. Get the dog on its back. Once you have done this a few times, as soon as the dog sees the bucket he will on his own roll on his back. 3. As soon as the dog is on his back, depending on left handed or right handed, wet the fingers of one hand via the bucket of water near you. With the other hand quickly localize the fleas by pressing you fingers onto each one of them. With training you can use all your five fingers. Press moderately down onto the bugs. With other hand and fingers dripping with water, release one of the fingers upon which a louse or lice are and quickly cover it with water from you fingers. Quickly put your finger once more on the flea for some seconds while pressing down. Then with your wet fingers using your nails remove each flea which usually are docile due to being drenched with water. Put all your fingers into the bucket and release the flea which you see floating on the surface or will go to the bottom at once. If on the surface of the water, give it a push and it will go down. Proceed with next finger and do the same. In this way you may remove up to 10 fleas at once if you are quick at it. Be sure they don’t hide under you nails by seeing that they are released from your fingers. Instead of going through the whole body, wait some 10 minutes and do the whole procedure again, as the next group of fleas will head to the stomach of the dog. Doing this easy procedure you don’t need any chemicals to get rid of the fleas, and the dog will love you for doing it, always ready to roll on his back to get the delousing done.

This is only useful for Dog Flea treatment. For Ticks you have to do it differently. Also, Dog Ticks don’t easily die in the water. They just keep continue living. Picture shows two Dog Ticks, not Dog Fleas.
DSCF0065 1

Below is the Revisionist Dog, Chester, a Yorkshire Terrier, which can sniff out any Exterminationist coming to sneak up, or NSA spy Drone Camera implant agent. This type of dog, especially when hair is cut short, are very easy to delouse manually.
Preview of “4”_51

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