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Have the Political scum bags met their Waterloo? The historical Burgos case.

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The Greek Aristophanes called Politic and Politicians by their reality and not relativity

The Mayor of Burgos in Spain, Javier Lacalle, finally gave in even after threats of retaliations and sending in extra police force and finally shelved the whole project he and his cronies had cooked up

This is the first time in European history, since the French Revolution, that the Authorities had to give in to public claims

Bringing in the shakes to Germany and Sweden with their rock bottom Hegelian authoritarian system that simply is out of date. Sweden for instance, calls Censorship for Free Speech!

Even the European Union (EU) with their massive bureaucracy are getting the shakes as does the European Commission of Human Rights

And Drone Killer Obama himself, when it is known he was illegally given the Nobel Peace Price by Norway Thorbjorn Jagland. Jagland is also Secretary General of the Council of Europe. It is a criminal offense to give the Nobel Peace Prize to anyone prior to his having achieved something. People are not foreordained for the Nobel Peace Prize

SOURCE: Canarias7, January 18, 2014:29

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