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Open letter about War Crime of Francois Hollande to Valerie Trierweiler

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Dear Madam Trierweiler,

I have been contacted that you are now out of Pitie Salpetriere, in excellent health, and ready to move on in spreading the bed sheets. I am glad to hear you bravely continue on in your struggle in giving the bed chamber such fame as a strong vehicle for the furniture industry.

My letter to you concerns Francois Hollande. I don’t know what I should call him: your husband, fiancee, or bed mate. So I will be calling him for what is personal to me and not make errors in greeting respect. So I be calling him just as War Criminal Francois Hollande. And here is why.

In 1945 while my family had fled under dramatic circumstances in full blast of a snowstorm to Italy from Austria, your French army illegally under the Geneva Conventions entered into our home and stole everything inside, including the kitchen sink. In charge of the theft were two Jewish Generals who now carted everything from the house, including family photographs, toothbrushes, etc., onto military trucks, and brought the plunder to France. The loot included paintings valuable historical records from Norway, which my Norwegian-Swedish mother had brought to South of Europe at her marriage.

After yet more dramatic circumstances we were finally able to come as refugees to Sweden where my mother promptly took up charges of the War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, which the French Jewish Generals had done to us. Sweden promised to take up the case, but it was all promise and lies. So this War Crime act, against the Geneva Conventions, and considered as a Crime Against Humanity, is still open.

I now appeal to you to request your War Criminal, Mr Francois Hollande, to get into contact with our Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, and clear this matter up once and for all. Where has all this material gone which was brought by train load, and which was lastly in a house at Innsbruck, in Austria? Where have all these paintings gone? Where have all the family photographs gone? My grandfather who was a Veterinarian was a skilled photographer and did scientific studies much like Carl von Linne. Where has all this material gone? He also lived in United States for a while where he conducted research in the Native Population and brought valuable historical record back to Norway. Where has all this material gone? I could go on and on here, but I will end it at this point.

I am determined to get to the bottom of this Criminal Act conducted by the French Army against my family who had no part in this war, and who had to flee just because they wanted to be decent citizens.

If you have ever done anything brave in your life this is it. Help me and find out where all this material has gone. Demand from Francois Hollande to simmer down and do something worthwhile for a change. We are now in 2014. This War Crime happened in 1945. Let us not delay this any longer but let us clear this matter up now.

Sincerely, Ditlieb Felderer


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