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When French politicians aren’t busy chasing women, they get busy ‘fighting Antisemitism’

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When France politicians aren’t busy chasing for women, they get busy fighting ‘Antisemitism’.

The easy way how French Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls find out whether you are an ‘Antisemite’ or not

And how is an Antisemite found out? It is as easy as writing letters. For you’ve just seen what an ‘Antisemite’ is. If you write it this way you are an Antisemite. But not really for you have to write it in an ‘Antisemitic’ way. And how is this done? We just showed you! ‘Antisemitic’ is Antisemitism.

More examples: CRIF is a congress of people fighting Antisemitism. But a different Antisemitism. The antisemitism written ‘Antisemite.’ CRIF stands for: ‘Combating Racism Investigating Farce.’ CRIF is dedicated to investigate claims of Supremacy and all types of farces such as the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). It writes ‘antisemitic’ this way: Antisemitic.

Then there is LICRA. They write it different. They write it this way:
International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism

Observe how LICRA writes it: Anti-Semitism. A capital A and a capital S, with a hyphen in between. Now you are Kosher for that means, at least to this esteemed group of scatterbrains, that you are not an Antisemite. So, that is how easy it is to find out whether you are an ‘Antisemite’ or not. Whether you are Kosher.

Has it ever been an easier way to find out what you are than this? So when you speak the word Antisemitic you must speak it by letter, each one at a time. Capital A, a hyphen, a large S, and hocus-pocus you are in good standing with God’s Chosen People. That is Jehovah, their tribal God.

And to be double sure you are truly getting the hint that you don’t want His Honor, Jehovah’s everlasting Wrath upon you, you better take hold of their skirt (Zechariah 8:23). But men don’t normally wear skirts, do they? Click tag Zechariah 8:23
and you find out the ultimate Monty what ‘skirt’ means.

But how do we prevent Antisemitism? Prevent Tribal God Jehovah’s everlasting Wrath to come upon us? For some time the Final Solution to this problem has been shown and in case you skipped it somehow, here it is. Try it. It works!

So maybe Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls aren’t men at all. Maybe they both got the Stefan Szende Sex treatment. A new Foreskin on a Circumcised Penis. But here even better. A whole Penis: the Full Monty!

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