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An Open Appeal and Letter to the Norwegian Government about Antisemitism, Peace, and Justice, to get Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls follow the Geneva Conventions and return the stolen goods taken in a War Crime act by two Jewish French Generals at Innsbruck in Austria

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Dear Gentlemen;

I, Ditlieb Felderer, appeal for your help to get the stolen family goods returned which two French Jewish Generals stole from my parents home at Innsbruck in Austria at the end of World War Two

My parents had fled to Italy, and via smugglers, which was the only means available at the chaotic time, heard; that the French Army, at whose head were two French Jewish Generals were taken over their home at Innsbruck in Austria and were putting onto their military trucks all the belongings stolen from their home.

These were items of family material which my mother, Bolette Falderer, had transported to Southern Europe at her marriage, consisting of valuable historical paintings, photographs, books, along with cultural material her father, Wilhelm Kluver, had bought, while living in America.

As for the Art Thefts these may now be located at various Art Museums. My grandfather was intensely interested in Art.

Wilhelm Kluver, a Veterinarian by profession in Norway, was an expert photographer who not only took pictures but also developed them. He took endless of photos of Norwegian cultural life, homes, families, animals, farms, nature and even the heavens.

All these were stolen by the Jewish French Generals. All of massive cultural and historical value to Norway as they all pertained to Norwegian history of the time.

My mother was born at Steinkjer near Trondheim in Norway, and got married to an Italian citizen. Inheriting the material, she took it with her via train wagon to South of Europe where it was finally placed in a house at Innsbruck in Austria before the French Jewish Generals, in violation of the Geneva Conventions stole it.

Sweden was contacted about it, once we came to Sweden as refugees from Italy. They promised my mother they would attend for the return of the stolen goods. Instead, they begun to cover the whole matter up, refusing to push the matter any further with France. My wish is to get the stolen goods returned and that they be donated to Norway as historical records as most of it concerns Norway. My mother’s grandmother, her husband by that time, had died, moved to Sweden where she opened a hotel at Ed, the Eds Turisthotell. Her son, Wilhelm Kluver, later opened up a hotel in Sweden called Salens Hogfjallshotell. Bjorn Tarras-Wahlberg may know a lot more about the family relationship than I do as he has closely followed it.

As Sweden refuses to attend to its responsibility, possibly Norway could help, as most of the historical articles pertain to Norway life, and not Sweden.

By contacting Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls personally, perhaps they could take some moments away from their amorous living and pay attention to the Geneva Conventions which prohibits War Crimes of this nature.

I await your conscious act of activating movement with the hope of finally solving this theft once and for all.


Ditlieb Felderer
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