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An open appeal and letter from Ditlieb Felderer about Antisemitism, Peace, and Justice, to Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls

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An open appeal and letter from Ditlieb Felderer about Antisemitism, Peace, and Justice, to Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls

On War Crime and violation of Geneva Conventions

Make those two Antisemitic Generals responsible for their Crime

A call for Peace and not use Auschwitz For War Doctrine as further excuse for wars

At end of World War 2, two French Jewish Generals, illegally entered into the home of the parents of Ditlieb Felderer at Innsbruck, Austria.

Outside were French military trucks waiting. The French Jewish Generals now started to steal everything in the home, including family picture, family replicas, paintings, art work, kitchen utensils. Everything down to the kitchen sink was stolen by these two French Jewish Generals.

Ditlieb Felderer’s parents had by that time fled to Italy and via smugglers who were carrying news from Austria to Italy, Felderer’s parents were told what was going on.

As soon as the Ditlieb Felderer family had reached Sweden as refugees from Italy, the Swedish Government was informed of the French stealing and violations of the Geneva Conventions. The Swedish Foreign Department assured Felderer’s mother not to worry as they would settle the matter and she would get back the stolen loot. The Swedish Foreign Office had been in contact with the French Government about the thefts.

The mother of Ditlieb Felderer had inherited the family records of photographs. Her father was an expert photographer who took photos of everything and did his own developing. Photos of nature, history, animals (he was a Veterinarian), caring of animals, buildings and homes, religious events—in short a complete historical record as anything available of Norway.

The mother had also inherited numerous paintings and art works which also were stolen.

Along with all this, her father had lived in America. Coming back to Norway he took with him items he had bought while there. He had opened up a Singer sewing machine store together with a Jewish companion whom he trusted. He was to take care of the technical matters. The Jew of the bookkeeping. The Jew stole everything. He got all his money written over to him, using crooked lawyers. So he had to come back to Norway.

The material her father took with him from America, the daughter then inherited. It was of immense historical interest as her father was intensely interested in American nature and primitive Indian life. All this was stolen by the Jewish French Generals.

Now it came to be that everything the Sweden Foreign Office had told Mrs. Felderer, turned out to be a lie. All was done to cover-up the theft and to make the mother of Ditlieb Felderer, either get so tired, or forget about it. The Swedish Government were so busy with Sex they had no time for stuff like this. Sounds a bit like French Francois Hollande – doesn’t it, and who now is chasing Antisemites – oh pardon me! It should be Anti-Semites: Capital A, hyphen, capital S. There it is, all Kosher again.

We are now in the year of 2014. The Swedish Government attempted to assassinate Ditlieb Felderer who had found out about the French Jewish Generals’ theft, and such thefts as the massive Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) where they used Stalin and his Holy Shrine at Auschwitz with its Four Million Martyrs Doctrine to extort their money.

It is about time that the French Government, whoever is in charge, whether sexual active doing a variety of logistic schemes to enjoy it; that, they look into the matter and clear this up.

Where is all this stolen loot? Why did the French Jewish Generals not get charged? Why has it taken so long time to clear this theft up that clearly violated the Geneva Conventions? And now, with the new Doctrine of Auschwitz For War Doctrine, making War a sport, fun, and joy, what chances is there to motivate these criminals and their accomplices to action?

It is about time that French politicians stop using excuses such as Antisemitism, the Quenelle factor, Dieudonne, and claims of rights for ‘privacy’, and instead get their rear buts off their comfortable and well-payed chairs, and accordingly act to comply with Civilized Law and rules of conduct, be they of moral nature or otherwise.

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