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Picture of the Day

Our task is partly to cover the very recent events and just not present a new picture. As such, the Dieudonne in France case continues to rock, not only France but the world. And that most on account of a Phallic salute which turned Political and became called the Nazi Salute, Hitler Greeting, Hitlergruss, etc.

The new happening in France is also the sex orgies going on forever within France politic. The sex orgy scandal of Dominique Strauss-Kahn is still going on. And now the sex play of French president, Francois Hollande, is emerging, the very ones who have attacked and abused other parties for their sex orgies. They are now struck with their own.

An as to the Quenelle Salute and Dieudonne. Did any consider the fact that that Salute was a Sex salute? A very old greeting indicating the Penis had risen to do the job it was meant to do? Thus a repeat of old Fertility Cult rituals.

Here is one of the picture of the day. Hitler is seen doing the German Salute, Deutscher Gruss, in front of a church, whose spire itself is considered to represent the erect Penis:

And here the Sex salute is done together with church dignitaries:
Wittenberg, Nationalsynode

Did these dignitaries know they were saluting the Olah Cult, the Holocaust Cult, with the erection of the male Penis? There are good reasons to believe the Dieudonne case with the French Quenelle will be with us. Remember it is over 4000 years old. It may live as long as man will on the face of this globe.

Compare now the Quenelle Salute with the Deutscher Gruss, the Hitler Salute with this image of the Full Gospel risen Holocaust-Olah Penis:

Compare now with what the French Censorship Director, Manuel Valls, has forbidden. The striking similarites of the various Sex Cult habits are indeed striking:
Preview of “9”_18

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