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The Six Million Dead Jews fraud. The Four Million dead Martyrs Fraud. What’s so strange? Number frauds happen every day!

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The Six Million Dead Jews fraud to boost the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)

The Four Million Martyrs Doctrine by Stalin to boost his claim against Capitalism and cover up his War Crimes and his Katyn Massacres

And here on 10 January 2014 fraud: 50 million euros payed out for some 15.000 people that didn’t exist. La Provincia, January 10:1, 15.

Fake and frauds make good business for some. Such as the massive Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) built on a building Stalin made into a Holy Shrine at Auschwitz. But here it is even worse. On the above fraud, people were REGISTERED. Stalin never got his registered. He just made up a number, and that was that. And Pension Fraud Crimes went further steps: You could be 3 Cohen, yes 4 Cohen, yes 5 Cohen, yes 6 Cohen. All fiction. But the money they got, they got for real.

And how often hasn’t money given out for dead corpses which supposedly lived, registered into the bureaucracy, though dead? In Norway for a long time people of different religions were registered as Lutherans just to get their money. Men is very inventive when it comes getting something for free.

Below picture of one the 4 million memorial stones Stalinists at Birkenau in Poland put up to cover-up Stalin’s War Crimes and Katyn Massacres.

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