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The ‘Quenelle’, Nicolas Anelka, and Dieudonne

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The French ‘Quenelle’, Nicolas Anelka, and Dieudonne

France still maintains a leading part in the religions of Phallicism

The Quenelle was originally a nature religious gesture act indicating the rising up of the male Penis, welcoming the fruitfulness of plenty to nourish man’s life on earth. It is a variation of the Nazi Salute, the Hitlergruss, Deutscher Gruss, closely connected with the Heil Hitler, Heil mein Fuhrer greeting.

The Quenelle as a sex symbol gesture got popular with the introduction of it into France consciousness by French comedian Dieudonne using it in Satire. It was picked up by French football player, Nicolas Anelka, who uses this, now highly popular sign in scoring a goal. Anelka considers the sign as an Anti-establishment gesture.

Below we see a picture of the German Quenelle with Adolf Hitler doing the salute, clearly showing it was meant as a general symbol of expectation of the German hopes without it being a specific symbol intended first as an act of political worship to the Fuhrer, or Hitler. So far no studies have shown that the very old Salute was known to originate in Phallicism, in old Fertility Cults, including Semitic Olah sex Cults by the German people.

The French football player, Nicolas Anelka, helped in bringing attention to the Quenelle outside his own country by using it as an act of victory scoring. And with the help of Ditlieb Felderer, the erotic laden, old sex greeting, was brought to the attention to the rest of the world. Especially to the fact of Football being regularly played at Auschwitz where they had such teams as the Jewish Sonderkommando soccer team, the SS soccer team, and other favorite teams. At Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp, Soccer was played at the court between Block 10 and 11, along with other places. Birkenau, some distance from Auschwitz had several Football grounds along with a general huge one at which Relief Seekers played their daily soccer.

THE OPPROBRIUM ON YOGA BY FRANCE INTERIOR MINISTER MANUEL VALLS: Watch our Yoga sister Sunshine doing her Quenelle stretching, a common body movement which the French Interior Minister of Boredom seeks to prohibit by means of decrepit judges who all are in need of physical and mental exercise. Thus France Interior Minister, Manuel Valls wants to prohibit Sunshine from doing her Yoga, claiming it to be Antisemitic. We ask your listeners and viewers, what Antisemitic act is involved here by Yoga sister Sunshine gently stretching her legs to keep her fine body in shape?
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The Quenelle and the Hitlergruss, the Hitler Greeting, was common use in ancient times. The Bible tells how the Jewish Olah Cult used it in warfare, symbolizing the Jews cutting off the Foreskins of their Gentile, Goyim foes. This was then taken up by the Priest who waves the Hostia, Host, the Ring, into the air, the round Host symbolizing the Foreskin, now being consecrated to the Jewish war and sex God Jehovah, a climax depicting the Goyim’s forever servitude to the Jews who now hold onto the Skirts of the Jews (Zechariah 8:23), the Skirt itself being much of euphemism for the male Penis. So in fact, it means the Gentiles, the Goyim, are holding onto the Jews and their Penis for direction, welfare, and survival. For only by holding onto such will he survive, or be exterminated in a ‘for or against’ act by the tribal sex God Jehovah to stop his everlasting Wrath, the Wrath of God.

In Art, the Quenelle with its German type, the Nazi Salute, is often seen in connection with Jesus rising of Lazarus, and thus the sex symbol was brought into the consciousness of Western man.
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The Quenelle along with its German Nazi Salute is closely connected with SIN which crept into the primitive Christian Church from early on. This was directly connected with the Greek Holocaust Fertility Cult and which evidently the Jews picked up in their Olah worship in their Holy Temple, and before and after, in their Synagogues, their Churches. Jesus Christ himself, is to have been Masturbated by Satan the Devil when being tempted, and Jesus bravely and with fortitude showed the Devil that all Satan did to him, he still would choose his sex Lordship Jehovah, the Erect and Mighty Penis in the Sky.
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SOURCE: El Pais, January 9, 2014:30

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