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Should the German school students be prohibited to find out the meaning of ‘Holocaust’?

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Should German school children be prohibited to learn the meaning of the word ‘Holocaust’?

Why should there be further hush-hush about the meaning of Holocaust?

How long will German corrupt politicians prohibit German kids to learn about the Holocaust?

Why is Angela Merkel called the ‘Little Skirmish’?

Why is the ‘Little Skirmish’, Angela Merkel so against that German kids learn about the Holocaust?

What relation is there between the Greek word HOLOCAUST and the Hebrew word Olah?

Does both Holocaust and Olah mean the Penis moving up into erection?

It is claimed over 80,000 people of southern Germany have signed an online petition against ‘sexual diversity’, which is in fact, the cover-up of the meaning of Holocaust. Thus both German Zionists, Pentecostals, Dispensationalists, Scofieldists, and Fundamentalist Christians seek to stop information about basic words which constantly pop up in Germany. One of those Holy Cow words is HOLOCAUST. And the intention of cover-up is clear: to hide people from knowing about the massive Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) extorted out of Germany on Stalin bogus Martyrology teaching where Stalin got millions of Pilgrims visiting his Holy Shrine at Auschwitz and where Stalin presented his Four Million Martyrs Doctrine in order to fight Capitalism, while at the same time using Auschwitz Vomitorium for peace.

By Censorship and stopping information on Sexual Diversity, the finding out what Holocaust really means, that it means the Penis moving up into a strong and active tool to do its job, German corrupt politicians along with their Fundamentalist Christians, seek to hide the meaning of History and continue living in a Dark Age slavish mentality.

Certainly a correct meaning of the word HOLOCAUST will usher in a more tolerant atmosphere which Germany and its wacky Hegel-minded people are in need of. Such will also help the prevention of drug abuse and the ‘suicide mentality’ which German youth are obsessed with. SEXUAL DIVERSITY is therefore sorely needed in Germany, not only for its youth but also for the elderly.

But not only will German kids profit from learning about the Holocaust. All of Europe will. And specially at this moment France is in great need of educating itself about the Holocaust, now when Dieudonne has shown France visually the Hitlergruss, the Nazi Salute, or German Salute, as it also is called.

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