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Did Germany assassinate Ukrainian John Demjanjuk?

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Did Germany assassinate Ukrainian John Demjanjuk after having sentenced him in a Show Trial?

Germany jailed Ukrainian John Demjanjuk in a Kangaroo Show Trial giving false evidence which Stalin created

John Demjanjuk was found guilty on the Stalin hoax of the Four Million Martyrs Doctrine and his HEC Cult, Stalin’s Martyrology

Helping in the false Stalin charges, was the Neo-Nazi, TT, Kurt Schrimm who seeks to continue to obfuscate the Auschwitz huge Kitchen which Stalin painted black in order to hide it

Germany prosecuted John Demjanjuk in order to hide the Nazi collaborations of the Jewish Sonderkommando

Jewish Sonderkommando and self-confessed Serial Killer, Mass Murderer, Filip Muller, was secretly smuggled into West Germany with the cooperation of Capitalist West Germany, and Communist, East Germany, DDR, and its STASI

German corrupt politicians’ prosecution of John Demjanjuk was to hide, cover-up the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC

Will John Demjanjuk now become a Martyr of German assassination?

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