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A new Historical look at Joseph Stalin and Soviet Union lead by history investigator Ditlieb Felderer

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(those whom a god wishes to destroy he first drives mad)


A new look at Joseph Stalin and Soviet Union

It is time to revise Russian history

Initiated by history investigator, Ditlieb Felderer

Historiography coming to grips with reality and not political choseness like the Jehovah’s Chosen People

It was not Stalin that FIRST sent dissenters into Mental Asylums but Sweden

While Stalin used Auschwitz as his tool to strike at Capitalism and hide his War Crimes such as the Katyn Massacres, he also used it for peace. Today it has become under Capitalism a vehicle for war with its Auschwitz For War Doctrine using it as an excuse for war against Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and others.

The intention is to induce chaos to achieve world supremacy.

Sweden, not Communism under Stalin and his Soviet Union, became the first country in the world, actively using Madhouses, Asylums, as depot of its dissenting voices.

Behind it stood Sweden Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, with his Justitiedepartementet, Justitiekanslern, with active Tormentors as Johan Hirschfeldt, Bengt Hamdahl, today’s Anna Skarhed; Lennart Selin, Svante Nordin, Agneta Isborn Lind, Jan Levin, Wilhelm Wachtmeister, Morton Narrowe, Lennart Groll, Johan Munck, Bertil Wennberg, all of them ADL, CUM, HD, HET, MOV, PTT, WC men, and other criminal elements.

Herman Zetterberg with his Justitiedeparementet, and the Justitiekanslern, and others, especially the Sweden media, secretly operated behind the scene, throwing dissenting voices into their Madhouses hoping they commit Suicide or some violent act which they themselves had provoked.

Stalin Soviet Union and the St. Petersburg Psychiatric Hospital of Specialized Type with Intense Observation, was not the first Asylum for dissenting voices but Sweden under the direction of its Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg.

Sweden had an NSA long before America!

Find out more as we penetrate this secret just now revealed for Historians who are now faced with a revision of their former view of Stalin and Soviet Union.

Below picture of St. Petersburg Psychiatric Hospital of Specialized Type with Intense Observation

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