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Massive Christmas scams

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As with every other Christmas, scams of all sorts are reported and what seems to be the only progress for many people, is, that they will get fooled. But, American historian, Henry Adams, said for over a hundred years ago, you can trust nobody and nothing. So you can just imagine what the situation is today!

Like every year, Western Union, is at the front of abuse. The Nigerian Scams go on as before, often using Western Union, as do the Chinese scams as they appear on the Internet selling their goods which don’t exist with the help of Google, and Google images. There people see all kinds of, what they believe to be cheap Chinese goods offered, but which are all nothing but a racket. You are told to send them money, and once you done so, they come with a repeat request for some more. And on and on they go while various Governments, so frequently mouthing of making your life ‘secure’, are doing nothing.

Sure, you may have some luck, but it is worse than playing Russian Roulette for sooner than later you discover you have been fooled. A sucker isn’t born every minute, he is born every second.

President Ronald Reagan once said that the only way to stop politicians from ending up with stealing your money, is, to not give them anything. All of Europe, much thanks to the European Union (EU), the spoiled and crafty politicians are walking away with a laugh stealing public money, and nothing real is done about it, except for the usual gab. And EU, all they seem to be concerned about is bringing in new Censorship laws.

Just close, a skilled business woman told how she had bought perfume which she sells. All the bottles were filled with fake perfume which perfume only lasts for an hour. Government post offices, such as in Spain, use Western Union, although they know of its criminal activities. No warning is given. Once you are caught in the scam, there is no way to get your money back in spite of the assurance of ‘protection’ by Government.

And Internet is of course neither safe. Recently a has appeared and people have told how their Browser disappeared. Looking into it we found it has no information about it. You are better off just ignoring such traps, not even bothering to check up, because the very act of so doing my be the trap. CIA and NSA are also doing a lot of dirty work, so you are safe nowhere. They are making our earth for all of us a ‘Maximum Security’ Concentration Camp, where we must obligingly follow every of their new scheme and bidding.

Have a good year and beware of the scams. We have told you, so don’t blame us if you become yet another sucker.

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