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Sexcausting: What is Sexcausting all about and what connection does it have to Sex?

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Sexcausting consists of three words joined into one :sexcausting:
1. Sex. 2. Caust, from the last 5 words of Holocaust. 3. [t]ing from ‘texting’.
It refers to the semitic Holocaust Phallic, Olah Cult, and its fusion with a Wailing Wall, Hebrew lamentation Olah Cult, and the Cult of the Wrath of the tribal God Jehovah, The Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky, whose immense Penis was worshipped inside the Jerusalem Temple.

The Penis God Jehovah, was very jealous of his Penis and constantly warns the Jewish people to respect his length or he will annihilate, exterminate them. His eternal Wrath would mellow if they obediently accepted his grandeur Penis length.

The Jewish historian Josephus, graphically writes about the fertile Cult activities at the Temple, which extended far throughout the then known Jewry. There, inside the Holy Temple, the Jews would Wail over the huge Penis of their Tribal God, Jehovah, hoping and waiting for the day when his Mightiness, his Mighty Penis would be erected throughout the globe.

Out of these Wailings came the Christian Revival Meetings, where men and women would be tossed to the ground, ‘Slaughtered by Almighty God Jehovah’, crawling like snakes. But before it came that far, we are told women’s head would twist from side to side as they screamed and yelled, with their long hair causing rapid crescendos until they fell to the ground, where their twisting movements of body caused erotic visions to the male spectators. Christian and infidel men would go for miles on their horse and carts, seeing these sex rites. Excitement run to climax as the women snaked on the ground totally in the nude as they wore no underwear and part of their clothing had been ripped off by the sheer wild, ecstatic motions. The Preacher, who by this time likely had several orgasms, would tell his Faithfuls that they were now Born Again. Birthing was the act and motion.

A well—known Sexcausting book in the Bible is the Song of Solomon, also called Song of Songs, and Canticles. It was often the only book that could be used in the Dark Ages and Middle Ages to express Sex, and was thus a form of a Data tool of the time. Such old age writers as John Of The Cross (San Juan de la Cruz), and Luis de Leon (Luis Ponce de Leon), would use it to delve into the forbidden taboos of the time.

Internet discussions are made about Sexcausting, the Holocaust-Olah Sex Cult in relation to Biblical use and history, and general Pagan historical use by various Fertility Cults, active throughout not only Semitic Cultures and European Cultures but the entire globe which all had their own use of the Holocaust Sex Cult.

Much focus of Sexcausting is done on the Greek Culture not only because the sexual word Holocaust is in fact Greek, but also for that the Greeks were richly endowed with Phallic Cults of a variety, still not discovered to the full.

Sexcausting concerns a general discussion between Internet users with help of photography to more fully understand the ancient Holocaust Cult with present time; whereby, many examples are culled from pre-Christian times, the Hebrew-Semitic Olah Cult, the early Christian epoch, the Middle Ages, also called the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Age, and the present Data Age which by use of the Internet makes Sexcausting possible.

Sexcausting is gaining momentum not only amongst youth, but also the middle ages and pensioners, and have proven to be an exceptional tool to generate interest in History as a whole, and not only on the Holocaust Fertility Cult.

Pensioners have reported how they have been Born Again doing Sexcausting. It has invigorated their passion and many have cast away their Viagra or donated them to Israel or Salvation Army, or, the Boy Scouts and Sunday School teachers.

Elderly people tell how they have been invigorated, and they now feel Dancing all night long, thanks to Sexcausting. Never has passion, joy, and love reigned so fully in their house. It has been the vitamin pill of the century, which begun already in the 20th Century, but not fully appreciated till now.

As Sexcausting gains momentum throughout the globe it will give a strong challenge to the New World Order Culture, Globalism, which has gotten stuck in the War Is Peace cult. ‘Why make war, when you can make love and peace?’, Sexcausters ask.

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