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Meet Sweden Fahrenheit 451, Book Burner, Arsonist and Thought Terrorist (TT) in person: Anna Skarhed

Language: 451, MP3, Time:


She gets huge money and benefits, along with her fellow 30 Thought Terrorists (TT), for burning up your family photos, be that of dogs, cats, or your beloved grand mother

What does one not do for a corrupt State which demands total allegiance to its dictatorial commands set down by a tiny clique of men with money and the power of the fist?

You may soon get her personal visit. Her buddies are all in civil clothes to hide their identity so your neighbors won’t know

The elegant Grand Inquisitor, Anna Skarhed, and her well-fed, by the State friends, have all the ingredients of Moses, Anthony Comstock, Tomas de Torquemada, and Al Capone, so they know their way around to get your family album along with those of your pet dogs and cats

Welcome the State Terror and The Madam Elegance in all her terror herself into your living room. She may be there to stay.

NEXT FACT NEWS: What are the similarities and contraries between Thought Terrorist (TT), Anna Skarhed, and Anthony Comstock?

What are the differences between Anna Skarhed and her accusations against Islam?

What is the difference between Anna Skarhed and her accusations against the Talibans of Afghanistan for which Sweden is in war against?

What are the differences between Mafia Cosa Nostra and the Cosa Nostra activities of Anna Skarhed?

How the Sweden Justitiekanslern, the Grand Inquisitor Office, sought to assassinate my Philippine wife and myself

How the Sweden Police steal and assassiante in secret

GOING BEYOND THE HYPE OF HYPOCRISY: How the Sweden Justitiekanslern, the Assassins Office really work

How Sweden Ambassador to USA, Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister, argued that stealing family photos of dogs, cats, and grandmothers is done by Sweden to save civilization and the world, and how Anna Skarhed says the same


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