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The phony Mel Mermelstein case against IHR and Sweden’s secret act to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)

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The phony Nazi Collaborator Mel Mermelstein case against Instutute for Historical Review (IHR) and Ditlieb Felderer for exposing Mel Mermelstein and his Racketeering

The Swedish Foreign Office secret work behind the curtain to cover up the massive Pension Fraud Crimes

How Mel Mermelstein was shown to be a Nazi Collaborator and how he covered-up the Sicarii activities of the Jewish Sonderkommando

The IHR, the Institute for Historical Review lends the Exterminationists and Exterminationism a Final Solution blow

The Holocaust Cult shown to be nothing but a Sex Cult

Secret documents showing the Racketeering ploys of Mel Mermelstein and the Sweden Foreign Office working to assassinate Ditlieb Felderer are discovered and published

Sweden’s secret Censorship activities behind the Curtains revealed

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