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How many homes will Sweden secret Justitiekanslern secretly invade in year 2014?

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Sweden JUSTITIEKANSLERN, cloak and dagger violent and terrorist group will invade homes stealing cartoons, poetry, books, literature, private and family photos, and art work.

Yes even music instruments and private photos, such as family photos, and addresses, get stolen in blatant violation of civilized law and Human Rights. Of what crime can a family photo of your grandmother be? Or your dog? Or your cat?

At its head today, stands yet another obscure cloak and dagger bureaucrat hoodlum, this time a woman, Anna Skarhed, unanimously picked by the Sicarii assassins.

She will be occupied to further cover up the massive Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), assassination attempts, and general mayhem, and make sure the Swedish media will continue to be subservient and thankful for Mafia tactics and give their full approval of stopping any State crime from leaking out.

Her office, in massive Pyromaniac, Arson assault under the head of Johan Hirschfeldt, Betil Wennberg, Lennart Groll, and slue of other super secret hoodlums who only failed to completely hide all traces of themselves and their crimes; will continue to operate, though under new names, and new Thought Terrorists (TT). They secretly stole thousands of Ditlieb Felderer’s cartoons, family photos, literature and art work. They even took over his home using it for sex pleasures, stealing his musical instruments, food – yes even drinking up his beer while they had the home all for themselves.

Sweden’s corrupt politicians have chosen for the sake of filthy lucre, not only to be at war against Afghanistan, but also their own people and those following in line will be richly rewarded for keeping the terror to continue.

Justitiekanslern office, still, till today, refuse to disclose the secret wages they get, all the benefits, and pat on the back for good Cosa Nostra work done which will assure promotion with huge pensions and further huge wages. When you ask a Swede about it, THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW THEY EXIST! So, secret have they been able to keep themselves, totally isolated throughout the years from the public. Only the elite knows a bit about them. Incredibly achievement considering the fact that newly they tried to give some misleading facts about themselves on the Internet. This secret group with their secret operations, is more secretive than Mafia Cosa Nostra, and thereby accomplish its aim of spreading confusion and creating an arcane holy nimbus over themselves.

The Swedes are even kept outside to know how this super-secret group of Thought Terrorists (TT) are chosen. We haven’t met one Swede to this day who knows. To them it is simply an act of God. God chose them and not even any prayer was needed to accomplish this seeming divine feat.

Burn baby burn! The Fahrenheit 451 arson of this non-Democratic chosen Masonic misfits and hooligans must go on. They must show who is running the Thought Crime (TT) outfit.

Never has Burning Books been so much fun and turned into a religion. Never has burning family photos, of your dog, you cat, been so much fun!

Never has such ovation been given by slaves of the State for such arson crimes. In the Dark Ages people had no choice and left out of everything. They didn’t even know what the King in the city was doing at the command of the clergy.

Especially foreigners will be targeted with the Justitiekanslern assaults. The State insurgents will be duly protected by the Press which is a puppet of the elite. Recently a policeman shot to death an old man for questioning the right to have his home invaded, by police, which some say are never uniformed when they carry out their assaults. Ditlieb Felderer can never remember that the State insurgents ever indicated who they were. It is just accepted that secrecy is part of the authoritative leaders.

The important work for Justitiekanslern for 2014 will be to continue to keep its operations secret, and only give out the non-essentials. So far they have done an admirable job and any professional Mafia outlet would envy them. So at least this Thought Crime office will find there is interest in some circles who just want to find out how they get away with it all.

In the meantime the war against Afghanistan must be kept going on, and for this, it is of prime importance that the Swedes be kept in the dark of the Censorship operations lest its slaves start questioning what Sweden is doing there in Afghanistan when it is at war at home with its own citizens?

SPINOZA: The origin of Terrorism is Censorship!

NOTA BENE: Evidently the chief of Sweden’s Supreme Court, Bengt-Ake Engstrom, feels burning family photos and those of cats and dogs is in line with Sweden ‘civilized law’! He signed his letter below. What is no less fantastic: When the Show Trial went on at Svea Hovratt, the court below Sweden Supreme Court, these photos and other material stolen by Prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind and her Taby policemen, Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin were never included in the charges. Yet everything was burned up! Incredible? This is Sweden in our time! All these Thugs got promoted after the Show Trials.

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