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The Synagogue, Mafia, Cosa Nostra (Our Concern), Early Christianity, and the State: are they in origin all Criminal Syndicates? The Circumcision riddle disclosed for the first time.

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The Synagogue, the Mafia, Cosa Nostra (Our Concern), early Christianity and the State, are they all originating in Criminal Syndicates?

If so, if they are but groups of loose associations of Criminal Syndicates what held them together?

Why was Antiochus Epiphanes so against Circumcision as to 1 Maccabees 1:60?

Did Antiochus Epiphanes know something we first got to know today?

And was the Jewish historian Josephus right when he described the Temple of Jerusalem to be the center of the Criminal Syndicates?

And what does this knowledge make of Christianity and the modern State today?

Was perhaps Sir Thomas More right when he said of the State: The State is simply ‘a conspiracy of the rich who call their intrigues laws’?

And does this riddle of our life explain why we have been lead on a wild goose chase and thereby ourselves been tools for the cover-up?

Here again we see why the knowledge of Penisology and the Holocaust and Olah Sex Cults are so important for without this knowledge we simply do not understand the world we live in.

The fact is, that with this knowledge a whole world in mystery becomes cleared up. The perpetual war of Sex sheds light on where we stand today, and why we stand there. The war of Sex continues on to this day. It only changes names and those who are the actors.

The mysteries surrounding the Dean and Father of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Exterminationism, the Hungarian Jew Stefan Szende and his claim of putting new Foreskins on Circumcised Penises

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