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Sweden involved with Book Burning thousands of Cartoons and Art work in an Art and Cultural property crime theft never before seen

Language: Swedish and English, MP3, Time: 21:56 Minutes, Cassettee 8176A and 8176B. Threatening call in Swedish by the Jewish Synagogue in Stockholm, telling Ditlieb Felderer he will be assassinated. Call made March 24, 1979.

Sweden involved with Arson and Book Burning thousands of private Cartoons and material in an Cultural Property Crime Theft never before seen on our globe

Sweden claims this is necessary to save the world

Its criminal state hoodlums carrying on the Arson and Book Burning receive massive money and benefits for carrying out the Fahrenheit 451 acts and violence

One of its leading Pyromania Arson agency is the Justitiekanslern, its Chancellor of Justice, an obscure, secret group of Sicarii, Zealot supporting hooded men congregating in Masonic fashion inside tax payed Government buildings to scheme and intrigue out their Terror acts and incite violence against their targets

The Thought Terrorists (TT) and how they operate

It is like stealing history
Art and Cultural Property Crime – which includes theft, fraud, arson, looting, acts of Terrorism and assassination, is done by trafficking across nations and international lines. It is a looming criminal enterprise by corrupt States with estimated losses in the billions of dollars annually of those who are targeted, in every case innocent people.

Thus Ditlieb Felderer had thousands of his cartoons burned up in Witch Craft fashion by the Sweden State along with the destruction of private property and theft. None of it was returned even though its Supreme Court later said that all these acts of Terror, Pyromaniac activities and Violence was wrong due to that Strasbourg now said so, although its Chief active Book Burner and Man Of Violence (MOV) was no one less than its chief Supreme Court Judge, Johan Munck, and his weapon carrier, the Thug and Thought Terrorist (TT), Hans Danelius. In their act of Terror they almost assassinated his Philippine wife, which may have been one of their prime reasons.

Already in 1970’s the secret Sweden bureaucrats who themselves were involved with drug dealings decided to assassinate Ditlieb Felderer and under the leadership of its corrupt Prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson, and the utterly corrupt police of Taby under Kjell Henriksson, Felderer’s home was targeted as the abode of Witches, and the Arson acts begun. All these acts of terror resulted in that Felderer was put into the notorious Concentration Camp at Akersberga run by a Jewess Commandant.

Its corrupt Chancellor of Justice was then the notorious swindler, Bengt Hamdahl, who had direct contact with the Jewish Sicarii Kabal. But the real Book Burner behind the State criminal acts was the secretive Bertil Wennberg, who afterward came to take a leading part in the Sweden State Cosa Nostra Mafia activities against innocent cartoonists and writers.

Next in line was the ambitious Sweden Inquisitor, Agneta Isborn Lind and her Jew friend, corrupt judge Johan Hirschfeldt, who enlisted the Jewish judge, Jan Levin, to continue on with the State Terrorist acts. With the help of corrupt police men, Lennart Selin and Svante Nordin; and again Bertil Wennberg, documents were manipulated and altered in order to obtain a favorable conviction for the innocent targeted Ditlieb Felderer.

Inquisitor Agneta Isborn Lind and Johan Hirschfeldt now got Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, incarcerated inside a Concentration Camp where Felderer was abused and tortured by the Men Of Violence (MOV). Lind got Feldered tortured, claiming he had translated a word not according to State approval. That was the first time in world history that a man was put inside a Concentration Camp because an Inquisitor felt a translation of word was not Kosher. Not even the Roman Catholic Church in Medieval time dreamed up such wickedness.

Below you see an example of Art and Cultural Property Crime Arson as Sweden had this cartoon burned up, stating it would destroy the whole world should it be allowed.


And here is yet another cartoon that was considered so dangerous it would destroy the whole world should it be allowed. It is the Cartoon of a stork:


Here is the Evil Stork, the Evil Bird, enlarged for you to see the evil:IMG_0003_2_2_2_5

Once the Fahrenheit 451 Book Burning had begun next in line for the fire was the world famous Tittenmann, the Tit Man, a Cartoon claimed to be so full of evil that the mere peak of it would result in total conflagration of our Universe. The THOUGHT CRIME had by this time turned universal:
Preview of “Welcome 2”_13

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