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Using German media BILD as a study of War Crime and War Criminals with smiling faces

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That the mass media today are not only promoting war crimes and the war criminals but also are at the forefront of pushing War Crimes is clearly seen from the German scandal rag, BILD.

Just take a look at its issue of 23 December, 2013, just before Christmas when we are told over and over again that Christmas means peace and thanks to Jesus Christ we have peace and will have peace. Nothing is further from the facts.

On page 4, we are shown Germany’s new War Minister, War Criminal Ursula von der Leyen, full of smiles in her face amidst a bunch of fellow War Criminals. This rag of a woman obviously can’t tie her own shoes and has been chosen as War Minister likely for this reason.

The heading makes her say: ‘I am proud to be Minister’! A civilized, decent person, would of course feel horror over it and shun every sort of cruel activity and violence which this woman is involved in. But all the smiles make her crimes vanish as it has done all through history.

Just like the Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Jews have their Roman made Wailing Wall as propaganda center, we see War Criminal Ursula von der Leyen, standing before their own Wailing Wall as the one at Auschwitz Vomitorium. Standing before the Wall of Fallen Dead Soldiers, just as at the Wall Stalin put up at Auschwitz with the help of Smolen, Szymanski, Czech, Langbein, Brandhuber, and others; we are told in typical hypocrisy, she had lit a candle, feeling terrible sorry of course. We are of course not told of all the innocent men, women and children, these ‘savior of war criminal soldiers’ have assassinated and maimed. It’s all about Germany and its brave soldiers. Just as in Hitler’s time and Nazi Germany.

Now, let us turn to page 5, just opposite to page 4. There we are now told that bloody confrontations took place between German, don’t of course call them Nazi police, as that will let the cat out of the bag, and youth, who are discovering themselves without jobs and now becoming perpetual slaves for the antics that Kohl and his scam boys introduced, resulting in that Europe has now become a haven for massive money frauds by a horde of politician scam men.

This was supposed to be one of the worst violent confrontations in years which took place at Hamburg with some 120 of the good and honest boys: the police, injured.

In other words: Germany can send its ‘savior troops’ and engage itself with war against Afghanistan, but they are unable to clear up its own massive problems. Not for one moment does BILD consider this gravely sick but report of it as just ordinary business of a State. So not only are the German politicians at war against Afghanistan, with no end in sight, but even with their own people.

We are also told of that the War Criminal, Frank-Walter Steinmeier is back as Foreign Minister. The same man who helped Bush in launching his deadly rockets at civilians in the Iraq war, by having his Foreign Office men helping in directing the missiles.

Give it to these War Criminals. They talk of peace just as Orwell said, WAR IS PEACE, and can we expect anything else but lies, cons, and more wars from them?

And let us not forget here, Germany is that truly Nazi State of Europe. It hates and fights Free Speech wherever it is. And as for its own people, it gives 5 years in jail for just DOUBTING! And they call themselves a ‘Civilized State’! My parents had to flee Germany. Not for doing any other crime but being civilized to fellow man. It is history all over again.

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