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Once Gang Rape has been established in religion as norm, it never stops. They just find new ways to implement them.

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Once Gang Rape has been established as norm in Religion they never stop

One finds out just new ways to implement them

The Gang Rape of the editor of Radio Islam, Sweden, Ahmed Rami

The Jewish religion invented Gang Rape as religious norm. The Bible clearly brings that out. Christian Apologetic defenders have discovered numerous excuses for them to be in line with a just and loving God. And so the Jews invented Censorship trials as substitute acts, but with the same vengeance and violence and acts of Terrorism. Any State using Censorship to silence people becomes as the executor of Gang Rape working as proxy for the caller.

So, when Sweden jailed Ahmed Rami on Censorship they duly carried on the old Jewish tradition of Gang Rape. Later the State with its corrupt politicians admitted of wrong doing. But the Rape had been conducted and done great harm which of course was intentional.

Similarities can be found all over. Bild of 30 October 2013:1, 6, mentions of an innocent man in Germany sitting in jail for 7 years on false charges of his daughter who accused her father to having raped her.

False charges are made all the time and fanatical religions such as Jewry fabricate ‘crimes’ of all sorts, while hiding their real crimes, such as the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), used to extort huge sums of money from Germany and elsewhere.

Sweden constantly Gang Rape its citizens under false charges. Its Chancellor of Justice (Justitiekanslern), Sweden’s Fahrenheit 451 executioner, and corrupt vindictive bureaucrat, well payed and fed from the taxpayers, carries out Gang Rape at frequency when called for by the Jewish Synagogues who are outside the rule of civilized law. The Justitiekanslern office Gang Raped Ahmed Rami just so they could line their own pockets and feather their own nests.

It is a horrible thing for a father to be accused for Rape by his daughter and spend years in jail under false charges. It is no better when States Gang Rape its citizens by the order of the Jews who refuse to defend their Doctrines and instead do it the easy way by making false accusations against the public just to cover-up the Pension Fraud Crimes (PC), crimes against Palestinians, and other crimes such as their War Crimes. And there are loads of other crimes they have good reasons to cover up.

The only way to solve such Crimes Against Humanity, is, for the State and the accusers to compensate the victims. Each person at the Justitiekanslern office in Sweden should out of their private pocket pay for their crimes as should the accusers; be they so called Jews or otherwise. The taxpayers should not pay for this which is the easy way out. The payers for the Reparations should be those individuals engaged in the racket of Gang Raping writers, cartoonist, preachers, musicians, movie creators, and artists of every kind being abused by these nest of vipers and human destroyers. They have all blatantly violated Article 19 and other laws they promised to dutifully follow, not cover-up.

ART AND CULTURAL PROPERTY CRIME: Below is an example of yet another THOUGHT CRIME punished by Torture and Violence by the Sweden corrupt politicians. Sweden Fahrenheited 451, Book Burned, thousands of private property cartoons and other private material. Its Justitiekanslern is constantly involved with theft, arson, terrorist acts, and crimes of all sorts. Its present Inquisitor General, Anna Skarhed, claims like her former Torquemada blood hounds that this is done to save the world!

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