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Hitler’s Auschwitz Swimming Pool comes to life again for Championship at Herning in Denmark

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Hitler’s Auschwitz Swimming Pool comes to life again for Championship at Herning in Denmark for the FINA World Cup Series

The battle of Championship in 25 meter Swimming Pool such as exists at Auschwitz

Russia (n) Yuliya Efimova beat the former 200 meter breaststroke record with a 2:14.39 world record. The former world record was held by the American Rebecca Soni in 2009.

Spain Mireia Belmonte, double medalist in the 2012 London championship, won the 200 meter buttterfly. Several more records were broken.

There exist a small clique of political run slime ball Holocaust Extortion Cult supporting con men who still mock the world with their perverse drivel that the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is no swimming pool but some sort of a tank where babies splash around. Perhaps they are thinking of those kids born in Block 10 just by the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.

These racketeers always ready to line their own pockets and feather their own nests and who insist this puerile nonsense are: Browning, Evans, Cywinski, Jensen, Kershaw, Lipstadt, Longerich, Pelt, Rees, Schrimm, Szejmann, and a few more TT and HD scam boys ready to suck the filthy lucre from their owners. The moment anyone of them should resist playing around with the world public, their house of cards fall to pieces. Joined together in their chain of fabricated lies and Holocaust Denial (HD), they all fall together flat on their faces; in front of the stark naked facts that Auschwitz indeed does have a swimming pool.

To brazenly mock the world in their faces and try to mold humanity into slime balls like themselves is their modus operandi; but this will only last so long before their toxic waste will fall straight back onto their blood drenches faces, for they all know quite well that this Cult has been the excuse for every atrocity and War Crime Israel has committed against the Palestinians whom they evicted claiming that their Jehovah God gives the land to whom he wants, and that of course is them, the Chosen People of Jehovah God.

The time may soon come when the next championship will be held in the very pool Hitler built and which Stalin sought to hide to cover-up his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes, and to start his Four Million Martyrs Doctrine.

NOTA BENE: The above named are all Holocaust Deniers, HD, as they insist on mocking reality, stating the Swimming Pool you see before you is not a Swimming Pool, or simply ignore mentioning about it and thus align themselves with the New World Order, fearful of being anything but suckers for that dictatorial bunch of scatterbrains and hoodwinks.

Source: La Provincia, December 14, 2013:61

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