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American Constitution and the first Amendments: Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty show of A&E gets fired

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The American Constitution

First Amendments:

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty show on A&E gets fired

Trying to force through opinions using the weapon of firing people.

Sweden passed a law making it a crime to criticize Homosexualism. The Pentecostals supported the decision. They themselves had helped in bringing a law that casts doubt on history a crime. With time they discovered that that would make their churches useless. And so they begun to attack Homosexuals. This ended with that a Pentecostal preacher got charged under the law. The Church had prior supported the jailing of cartoonists for a mere cartoon. Now it was faced with being made criminal on a law one had helped to bring in.

Here at ditlieb-radio we feel Free Speech is more important than the whims of modernity. What is in vogue today is what decides Free Speech. He who follows that rule will sooner or later face the facts of reality and be left out in the cold. Set a trap for others and you will fall in it yourself.

First it was the Church who demanded special privileges. Then the Jews. Then came the Homosexuals. Who is next in line for special treatment? The Devil perhaps?

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