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Santa Claus and the grasping of his Penis. How to fight the world’s largest Cults: the Modus Operandi

Language:English, MP3, Time: 6:22 Minutes

Santa Claus and the grasping of his Penis

How to fight the world’s largest Cults

The Modus Operandi in the wars of Cults and against the Cults and the Science of Apologetics

Our Cult busting moves on

The Cleansing of the Cult toxic slime


If any of the Cultists should have the strength to concoct up a new hoax, we can tackle the slime within 24 hours as things now stand.

It is significant, that we now have over 50 years, and none of the Cultists have challenged our statements. Here we have a true Guinness World Record.

1. Study their Censorship. Their support of persecution and jail. Listen to the Cults. Their Doctrines, Dogmas. Their music. Observe and study their visual presentations. Their facial expressions. Their mannerism. Their body language. Their crocodile tears. Study their Mission work. Study their impotency and their apathy. Their Rituals. Their Relics. Their Smoking Gun. Their Holy Books. Their leaders. Their lives (most live in luxury). Their Politic. Their support of Politic. Their support of War. Their support of Global power. Their use of State power and vilification. Their Persecution. Their support of Torture and Terrorism. Their Rants. Their look on Vivisection, Abortion, Criticism. Their Money Racket, Money Laundering, involvement with Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), and their lining of their own pockets and feathering their own nests.

2. Get to know the people and the names of the Cult makers and Cult leaders. Some of the leading, living Holocaust Extortion Cult prophets: Crocodiles, CUM, FART, GR, HD, MOV, PERVERT, SHGCD, Slimeballs, Stinks, Wailing Wallers, Toxic Wasters,TT, Adepts, are: Browning, Cywinski, Evans, Jensen, Kershaw, Lipstadt, Longerich, Pelt, Rees, Schrimm, Szejnmann. You can find more about these Prophets of Deceit by going to the ‘Tags’. Click the Tag and you get the slime balls on the direct in all their luminary glory.

3. Actively oppose them and see what happens. Plan your next step out of these happenings always being aware they may throw their deception of smoke screen to befuddle you, and use their long daggers underneath their cloaks to strike you down.

3. Notice how they in pretentious ways mourn and grief when in the least being challenged of their puerile claims, and as they spread the slime and poison around them, while Wailing Walling for police and corrupt politicians; to help them out in their dilemma within their pile of muck they have themselves been caught; as, their slime stick to their legs not enabling them to get out and with none of their fellow slime balls ready to help them as they are likewise caught in their toxic waste.

With this experience engage yourself in a media war against their spurious claims and Cult fetishes.

The Holocaust Extortion Cult with its Hebrew Olah Cult have their origin in past Fertility Cults and their Phallicism, their Phallic Worship.

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