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It is about time Europe’s corrupt politicians ban Drone strikes

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It’s about time Europe’s corrupt politicians ban Drone strikes

All civilized people brand Drone strikes as War Crime

Such countries as Sweden and Germany fully support them thus making its politicians into War Criminals

Yemeni parliament votes to ban Drone attacks

The new Yemeni law comes after 15 people were murdered on Thursday, December 12, 2013, by the Nobel Peace Prize Drone assassin Obama. The assassinated were on the way to their wedding.

It has been no secret that Nobel Peace Prize Drone assassin, Obama, is, testing his Drones to see how effective they are both in physical killing and maiming civilians but also to find out the mental strength such acts of Terror has on the people, all this making one remind of the supportive Terrorist acts the Jews were ordered by their Tribal God Jehovah to be carried out against civilians in the famous Exodus and Jewish Conquest of the so called ‘Holy Land’. See: Psalms 137:9, same place from which the song Rivers Of Babylon took their text. The Holocaust infused Psalm 19 is also used for this song, but the special Holocaust Sex part of verse 6 with its ‘heat’, ‘fire’, ‘sexual agitation’, ‘sexual heat’, is not mentioned, nor is the Holocaust Sex Chamber (Holy Shrine) of verse 5 mentioned, or the Holocaust Fertility Cult, the Olah Cult, of verse 4 mentioned.

Such acts of Terror by the Jehovah’s Chosen People also included the Gang Rape of all virgins, which include babies. None of the Christian churches have so far dared to face such clear given facts all stated in the Holy Bible, and which are portrayed as necessary steps to the coming of the Messiah: Jesus Christ.

The new war Doctrine: The Auschwitz For War dance

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