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The hebrew Olah Holocaust sex Worship and Santa Claus wishes come true


The Hebrew Olah Holocaust sex Worship and the wishes of Santa Claus come true and the keeping of police out of Christmas

The word Holocaust is not Hebrew, Nor German, nor English, but Greek and means the act of the Penis moving up into an erection and pertains to the Greek Phallic Worship, their Fertility Cult, in praise of a rich harvest which nature gives to those striving for it.

Nor has the Greek word Holocaust anything to do with the Free Lunches of Deuteronomy 6:10 and 11 in the Bible where the Jewish Tribal God, Jehovah, promises gratis everything provided you kill all the inhabitants in Genocide massacres; the Jewish Conquest of the so called Holy Land, the Chosen Land, by God’s Chosen People.

The historical background of the Holocaust Fertility Cult, the Phallic Worship of the Greeks of old, can be discovered in this Blog.

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