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How to identify the pseudo professors, their work of educational Terrorism, such as : Browning, Richard Evans, Deborah Lipstadt, Longerich, Pelt, Rees, and others

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How to identify the pseudo professors, prepare for their acts of Terrorism, and survive their violence in support of Global Dictatorship

Their Modus Operandi is tracked out and a remedy for their assaults on mind and body

The Men Of Violence (MOV) wear the cloak of scholarship but carry daggers underneath their snobby cloaks

We look at such Men Of Violence as: Browning, Evans, Raul Hilberg, Olaf Jensen, Lipstadt, Longerich, Martin Broszat, Pelt, Rees, Wolfgang Scheffler, Claus-Christian Szejnmann, Jorgen Weibull, etc. Some are no longer with us, but they all left a legacy of Terror, the worst of Terror, the enslavement of your mind and body to make their life an easy walk on corpses.

All vibrant puppets for the cover-ups of the gigantic Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC).

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