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The War Crime against Iraq and the killing of some 1 million children

Language: English, MP3, Time: 42 Seconds
Madeleine Albright is asked the question of worth of killing half a million children. She answers positive to that question asked 12 May 1996. Some believe more than one million children were murdered. It describes the indescribable cruelties associated with American foreign policy and action. Neither Hitler, Mao, or Stalin, ever is to have uttered such horrific words. The only comparable is the Holy Bible, such as Psalms 137:9, where God’s Chosen People, the Jews, were to smash baby children against the rocks after they have been duly raped. Here it is:

The War Crime against Iraq and the killing of some 1 million children

El Pais of 9 December 2013:10 reports on the catastrophic effect of war against Iraq based on the lie of Weapons of Mass Destruction

This has resulted in that people are beginning to ask certain pertinent questions such as: Why does America always wage war; for to end in chaos and acts of terrorism?


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