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Stefan Szende, the Father and Dean of the Holocaust Cult, and the seizure of our Foreskin possessions

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Stefan Szende, the Father and Dean of the Holocaust Cult, and the seizure of our Foreskin possessions

According to Stefan Szende, the stealing of Foreskins was an ordinary thing

Should Jews be allowed to continue stealing our body parts?

The Ritual and Liturgy of Steal Joy, SJ
Stefan Szende is the Father and Dean of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, Exterminationism, also called Martyrology and Caustology. Stefan Szende claimed that in order to hide from Hitler, Jews had to put onto their Circumcised Penises new fresh Foreskins. In that way Hitler got fooled.

Thus Jews run all over Poland, looking for Foreskins to put onto their Penises. Even women are supposed to have chased after complete male tools in order to escape Hitler, who evidently was the biggest TSA pants digger ever, as he was so busy looking into the pants of people he forgot to wage the war and thus lost it for mere pants.

Our most Holy and beloved Bible tells that Christians were overjoyed for being plundered. In fact, the more plunder, the more happy they got because that would bring them one step closer to Heaven. You can read all about how the Christians leaped for joy having been stolen from at Hebrews 10:34. Did all this stealing, plundering, also include taking Foreskins? One certainly wonders, and were those being stolen from just as happy as those who still have their possession intact?

And would Denial, not Holocaust Denial, but Penis Denial, bring down the wrath and rage of Jehovah, as Paul warns that anyone who disregards the law of Moses dies without compassion? Hebrews 10:28. Thus we must willingly submit our bodies to be robbed, and, grin and bear it as the Rabbis seize our possessions for their everlasting joy and salvation.

When Christians had their heads chopped off, the butcher with his ax would ask the Christian: ‘Do you forgive me?’ Meaning: do you forgive me chopping your head off?

The Christians would answer: ‘Yes I do!’, because otherwise the Ax Man wouldn’t go to Heaven where you are now going. Instead he would go to Hell and that was so mean to want anyone go there even if he cut off your head. Does this sound a bit like Obama’s ‘Yes I can!’?

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