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Christmas Thoughts: If you owned a Bank you wish all were Christians

Language: English, MP3, Time: 12:23 Minutes

Discourse continues on Hebrews 10:34
Language: English, MP3, Time: 14:30 Minutes


If you owned a Bank you wish all were Christians

Never has stealing be so much Joy

Never has stealing be so much fun

Apostle Paul wrote in Hebrews 10:34:

Chistians ‘joyfully took the plundering of their belongings for the sake of the faith’.

Nahum Goldmann, once head of Jewish World Congress (World Jewish Congress), continued on the Extortion activities of Joseph in Egypt (Genesis 47). He stated in Das judische Paradox, that Jewish life consists of two things, 1. To protest. 2. To extort money. Thus, Christianity came about as presenting the new Milking Cow which then developed into Reparation, Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, basing such claims on Stalin’s Four Million Martyrs Doctrine, build on fake evidences of Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz.

The sake of the faith‘ was the collective.

And here is the origin of this stealing and where the Banks took their Morale:
Page_1_13 (2)

And this is what Nietzsche wrote about it:
Preview of “Blank 84”_5

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