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Incredible Document which Sweden sought to hide shows how Sweden run its FEMA Concentration Camps already in 1994

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Incredible Document which Sweden sought to hide shows how Sweden already in 1994 run its State secret Swedish FEMA operations

Apparently it is from this that USA later picked up its FEMA Concentration Camps operations

The document is written by Sweden corrupt, State prosecutor, TT, Agneta Isborn Lind, who, aspired to become Sweden’s first woman Justice Minister. She later got a high position south of Stockholm where she engaged her time in cajoling Swedes to ‘witness’ instead of having fear. She herself had prohibited witnesses who would show her wrong and with the Sweden courts was able to keep them out from witnessing.

Thought Terrorist, TT, Agneta Isborn Lind, was working under the Swedish/Sweden Foreign Department which had orchestrated numerous Terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife. She claimed Cartoons are very dangerous to the health of Swedish people and henceforth had them Fahrenheit 451, a Book Burning procedure of which Sweden is notorious for.

The real purpose behind the attacks, was, however, to cover-up for the huge Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, for the Sweden Foreign Department, a Mafia business which involved billions. Another prominent reason, of course, was to line her own pockets and feather her own nest. The fact she got her position shows this nicely.

The document has been challenged claiming that Ditlieb Felderer, or, someone else made it up as Sweden does not act in this manner. The facts are, that no official in Sweden so far has denied the authenticity of the document.

Click the IMG and you will get the PDF document in all its glaring beauty.


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