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The Levite Dictatorship and their ritual of Gang Rape

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The Levite clergy, priest Dictatorship and their ritual of Gang Rape

The Ritual Slaughter of humans as ordered and sanctioned by the Tribal God Jehovah of the Old Testament

There is not one place in the Bible, the Holy Bible, where Jesus condemned Homosexuality, Rape and Ritual Slaughter of humans

If Jesus Christ felt this gruesome happening was evil why did he not say so? Even Homosexualism is involved here. Not a word from Jesus condemning the acts

Levitical Rule has brought nothing but Apathy, Wars, and Bloodshed

People involved with the Levite infatuation are frequent users of mental drugs, as was Evangelist James Jones of Jonestown People’s Temple Sect, leader of one of the largest Mass Suicides, which took place on Wednesday, 29 November, 1978, at Jonestown in Guyana, leaving over 900 dead, many of them children.

Europeans often confuse Alex Jones of with James Jones. These are two different persons.

Because of Gang Rape is allowed in the Bible, clergy argued that so may be done

The case of the Levitacal Slaughter of the Jewish Prostitute, Catrine da Costa, in Sweden, who apparently was Gang Raped before here death

After killing Catrine da Costa, her body was cut up in Levitical Ritual Slaughter method and then placed out in different places. Some of her body parts were never found. Were they also sent out or did one eat them us as supposedly Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller, is to have done?

The above makes the claustrophobic terror evoked in Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale of 1985 mere child play. Taking common-enough prescriptions for Moral behavior from the Bible will lead behavior to their logical conclusion and explains to great extent the common mess the world is in today.

Judges 19, Judges 19:28-30

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