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The abbreviation ‘PFC’ and what it stands for

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The abbreviation ‘PFC” and what it stands for

Henry Clay and the reality of exposing Pension Fraud Crimes today

PFC is an abbreviation for Pension Fraud Crimes and conveniently used when shorter sentences are wanted.

Anyone ready to investigate the Pension Fraud Crimes today must be ready to face the music which Henry Clay is the author of:

The arts of power and its minions are the same in all countries and in all ages. It marks the victim; denounces it; and excites the public odium and the public hatred, to conceal its own abuses and encroachments.

Any investigation requires both knowledge and stamina. To persevere in the task and never to give up is the essence here.

After you read the material why were PFC, Pension Fraud Crimes so difficult under Communism?
And that’s why claimants could not so easily use Poland and DDR.

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