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Short list of important dates surrounding the assassination of John F Kennedy in connection to the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)

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1945 Clandestine and Organized Jewry start agitating European corrupt politicians with demands for Reparation, Restitutions. For this, Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp is not mentioned. Instead full focus is put on the Originator of the HEC Cult, the Holocust Extortion Cult, also called Exterminationism, namely, Stefan Szende. Stefan Szende claimed 5 million Jews were killed at Belzec, in Poland, inside some sort of a Swimming Pool. This later got replaced by the Six Million Doctrine. A new place was looked for the Hollywood Drama.

Stefan Szende’s book was in a most remarkable short time translated into at least four languages. Stefan Szende was the first writer to admit that to liquidate millions of people necessitated proper know-how and equipment: the scientific tools needed for such. Something like the American CIA did when they presented their fake Weapons of Mass Destruction to the world and which has made, that today, nobody really believes what’s coming out of the leading American politicians.

When I started to increase my interest on the question of a so called Final Solution and mass destruction of ‘Jews’, Belzec was still the going thing, with Stefan Szende as Guru leading the way.

Along with the alleged massive killings, Stefan Szende, concocted up that all Jews had died in Poland, except for one. This was the title of the book in Swedish. When it was discovered this claim was rubbish as there were Jews all around, the title got quickly changed in English.

Also, Stefan Szende had claimed, that Jewish Survival depended on putting on new Foreskins on Circumcised Penises. In that way, former Jewish Nazi Collaborators could say, they did not survive on account of their Collaboration, but on their Penis as no one could or would, check into that. No one would dare to ask a Jew: ‘I don’t believe you. Let me see your Penis!’

The Jews refuse to inform what specific charges they want to make, instead they focus on the individual, claiming such and such is an Antisemitic. The Antisemitic Witch Hunts begin to take shape in Europe.

Jews want European Governments to incarcerate people inside mental institution who criticize them. The Zionists had already begun to plot in creating their own State at the cost of the Palestinians, and with the help of Reparations and with the aid of the fake Pension Fraud Crimes claims (PFC).

Thus, incarcerating people into mental institutions if they doubt or criticize did not start by Stalin. It was started in Sweden under the suggestion of various oat-braking, sedition Jews, and implemented by such persons as Sweden Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg.

Jews get in contact with the corrupt Swedish Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, and were now demanding that Sweden implement stringent Censorship laws which they bring with them from Unites States.

At once Sweden begins to persecute dissenters whom the Zionist Jews have pointed out as being evil people. Sweden declares war against dissidents of Zionists to be targets for assassination if Zionism so wants. Specific charges of supposed ‘crime’ are not made. It was sufficient to point out the Witch. That’s all what was needed.

1949 Sweden adopts via its corrupt Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, stringent Censorship laws without any prior discussion of them; handed on a platter to him from the Zionist Jews coming from USA, where most of them just recently had taken the Oath on the Constitution and promised to defend First Amendments with its Article 1 on Free Speech.

So, while accusing Hitler had persecuted them for denial of Free Speech, they were now coming to Europe, demanding Europe must provide weird Censorship laws. And the real reason was money. A massive extortion racket was set in order such as the world had never before seen. Especially targeted was West Germany where America had put in all their corrupt ‘yes-men’, now enforcing the perverse American Al Capone system onto West Germany

Now the reason for Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings recent Carnival, celebrating the death of John F. Kennedy is obvious to a person who have followed the track record of these Censor craving Apostles doing their missionary work all over Europe, demanding stringent Censorship laws for the Europeans.

The Mike Rawlings reason is to prepare the American for the coming Censorship laws, which are already in effect in Europe. By allowing just one view of history, Rawlings wants to mold the American mind for Totalitarianism, and make him used to an OFFICIAL view which will be enforced with gun and barrel. The State is right, and might and pistol speak what is Truth.

How easy it is can be seen from Europe. There all people live in FEAR, dreading the moment when police will enter their homes, take it over, and bring them to Concentration Camps for silence, torture, and possible reeducation. Censorship has turned into a Religion in Europe and each corrupt politician live by it, knowing that through Censorship he can easily line his own pockets and feather his own nest. The exporting to America of this State Enforced One View is already going on and the Dallas experience shows where it is leading: To total Totalitarianism worst than what Stalin and Hitler ever could dream of. The Final Solution to the political question: Total domination. The boot on your head.

Instead of taking the opportunity of John F Kennedy to bring in peace and harmony, that people should discuss and search to find out the truth, whatever truth there is; the stratagem is to Stalinize America. It must be Ex Cathedra what people should think, and the perverse idea the State has a right to decide on Truth, must be accepted. This is already done in Europe, under the protection of USA.

1961 Organized Jewry extremely unpopular in spite of their Wailing Wall tactics, who have kidnapped Karl Adolf Eichmann in a flagrant violation of Argentine sovereignty, start their Show Trial against Adolf Eichmann. The Zionist Jewish Show Trial begins on 11 April, lasting to 14 August l961.

1962 On 31 May 1962, Adolf Eichmannn is assassinated on false charges and on crimes which in effect concerned the HEC Cult, were committed by the Jewish Sonderkommando of which Adolf Eicmann knew nothing about. Zionist Jewry keep secret about the Holy Shrine of Auschwitz which Stalin had constructed, claiming that more than 4 million anti-capitalist Martyrs were gassed inside his Holy Shrine. The focus is still not on Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp.

Stalin did so to hide his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes. The Iron Curtain had begun, much to blame on Stalin himself, for Stalin had no interest that people from start should investigate his claims. And so, such writers as William Shirer, Gerald Reitlinger, and others claimed massive ‘gas chambers’ with fantastic doors and implements. Everything was just fiction. No one dared to check into them. Ditlieb Felderer became the first to enter the Iron Curtain, starting real investigations and doing so with the ‘help’ of the information Reitlinger, Shirer, and others had given.

Finally, after refusing co comply to State Is Right Doctrine, Ditlieb Felderer, spread the information in Poland about the Katyn Massacres and faked Holy Shrine at Auschwitz. This landed him finally in Polish jail.

1963 Ulrika Zetterberg, the wife of Sweden Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, who aided the Zionist Jews to bring in Censorship to Sweden, commits suicide on January with the help of drugs. Ulrika Zetterberg, along with her husband, had been drug abusers for years.

On 18 March the husband of Ulrika Zetterberg, Herman Zetterberg commits suicide with the help of drugs in Copenhagen, Denmark. He had been sent in secret by the Sweden Socialist Party to Franco Spain for mental cure. Overtaken by the fact his wife had committed Suicide, Sweden former influential Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, now had to face Sweden and reality. As it was beginning to be more and more difficult to secret his clandestine activities, Sweden former Justice Minister, still in charge of most, was in trouble. Zetterberg could not take to coming music. People also begin to question how Zetterberg could be sent to Franco Spain for cure. Why not cure him in Sweden? The Socialist Party had put Franco on a black list and the whole secrecy behind the Zetterbergs death was becoming an embarrassment to Sweden.

On November 22, John F Kennedy is Shot dead. Who shot him, and by how many is still not clear. In order to calm the American people the State later concocts its own version which soon was questioned of being deliberately fabricated.

By this time Zionist Jewry had been able to obtain massive fraudulent Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) payments against West Germany. Organized Jewry did not dare making similar charges against DDR, namely East Germany, fearing their whole hoax would explode in the open. DDR and the whole of Communism, required that at least 6 essentials were fulfilled before any claim could be considered. Most Jews failed in even the first one, as most of them had fabricated claims they were inside Concentration Camps, which they never were.

On November 24, Jewish Gangster, Jack Ruby, assassinates Lee Harvey Oswald, who is accused to have assassinated John F Kennedy.

On December 20 the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials begin on false charges handed to them on a platter by Stalin (by then dead), namely, that at Auschwitz there was a ‘gas chamber’ in which more than 4 million anti-Capitalist Martyrs were killed most by Zyklon B. The Holy Shrine had been built by Stalin himself where he installed numerous fake Relics along with a fake huge chimney.

As first heard witnesses to the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials, were three active Nazi Collaborators, without revealing their former Nazi Collaboration and activities. One was an Austrian Jewish Doctor who had committed prohibited Abortions and accused of raping women patients, Otto Wolken. As cure and rehabilitation, Otto Wolken, the Rape Doctor, was sent to Birkenau, near Auschwitz, where he became a prominent Kapo, and often at the Ramp aiding with the ‘Selection’. He was now made into a ‘Holocaust Survivor’ and because of his past he readily let him be used by the West German puppet regime.

Another former Nazi Collaborator was an Austrian woman who likewise had been sent to Birkenau, today located in Poland, where she participated in ‘Selection’ and ‘Ramp’ duties, Mrs Ella Reiner-Lingens, often called just Ella Lingens. Apparently she volunteered to go to Auschwitz having been caught for Abortion and sexual abnormal activities.

The elite of Austria had by that time engaged themselves with viewing live shows of dogs having sex with women and other creatures. Nazi laws condemned such claiming it was cruelty to animals. Vivisection as crime was strictly enforced when found out. Such as Dog Fights, Bull Fights, along with other ‘shows’ and ‘sports’ of this nature were also designated cruelties against animals as were Kosher Slaughter.

The third, was a prominent Auschwitz, Austrian-Jewish political opportunist and propaganda activist, who soon became a leading Kapo at Auschwitz, in charge of the Nazi Brothel there, the Swimming Pool, Theater, and Jewish Orchestra, huge Kitchen, the Canteens, along with Sport activities and Art work, Mr Hermann Langbein. He like the other two, had participated in Ramp and Selection duty which he volunteered to.

When Hermann Langbein at last discovered that I knew about his past, he did everything to avoid me. But then I had his friends inside Auschwitz who helped me out to know those ‘hidden’ things. All of them viewed Hermann Langbein as the worst possible opportunist. First a Stalinist, then a Nazi, then a Stalinist, and then an anti-Stalinist as Stalin became a dangerous person to be a close friend with in the West.

It is well to take note here. In a normal procedure trial all these three Nazi Collaborators would sit inside the accused dock. Now instead they became ‘victims’ for the simple reason the State needed it for their fabricated charges. Each one knew, that if they did not cooperate in the farce trial, they themselves would be charged with murder,, and, or, abetting the murder of 6 Million Jews, and others, such as Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Homosexuals, etc.

The Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials end on August 10, 1965. All the West German press praised them as the highest of moral on par with when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with his Ten Commandments. If you did not, you was immediately claimed a criminal with termination as a journalist. Only the official view was allowed. The official view was right, and to criticize it, or have doubts, was to show disrespect and rebellion of God himself as the State now saw itself to be. The official view was the salvation of Europe and the whole world, which to large extent was looked upon as uncivilized.

Increased demands by Zionism is now put on West Germany, where writers exposing the racketeering were relentlessly persecuted, jailed, and tortured.

In the the l960’s Ditlieb Felderer, who had begun the get serious doubts about the whole political system with its constant corruption and the Churches helping in with the manipulations, begins his own independent investigations resulting in that the whole Holocaust Extortion Industry gets exposed wide open.

Later l970’s. Several Terrorist attacks along with Arson are committed against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife. Ditlieb Felderer later in investigation find out that the main Jewish Synagogue in Stockholm and the Sweden Foreign Office stand behind the Terrorist attacks, of which they never have denied.

Ditlieb Felderer requests the Sweden Judiciary system to take up the Terrorist acts but the politicians stop it. They themselves are involved and they do everything in their power to stop investigations to be made.

The Anne Frank Drug Cult begins taking hold of Sweden youth with many youth dying of Drug Abuse.

The Zionist Jews infiltrate the Sweden telephone net, using it for their purpose as they were given free way for anything of their interest. Stockholm Hillel school, a Jewish school, becomes one of the centers where bomb threats via telephone are carried out. The Synagogue organizes and divide up the calling procedure. Polish threats calls are done by Polish Jews, Hungarian by Hungarian Jews, Russian by Russian Jews, and so on.

Thought Terrorism, TT, now spreads like fire all through Western Europe, fueled on by American Rabbis and their representatives. Terms which Ditlieb Felderer invented for describing Cult activity, such as Holocaust Denial and Holocaust Denier, Exterminationism, etc., seek to make Cult activity less prone to Pie in the Sky charges. The war of ideas begin with most people totally unprepared for it.

1984 On June 10, Jewish Prostitute and Drug Abuser, Catrine da Costa is assassinated in Sweden. Her body had been cut up into several pieces in Levitical Kosher Slaughter way (Judges 19:28-30). She had turned ‘informer’ and ‘traitor’ to the main Jewish Synagogue and now was liquidated. In Sweden it became called ‘Styckmordet’. Certain similarities are here with the killing of the son of Charles Lindberg, where possible a wrong killer was put up as guilty. Some of the body parts of Catrine da Costa are still not found.

Below you see the SS Hospital located just by Stalin’s Holy Shrine in which Stalin claimed more than 4 million anti-Capitalist Martyrs died in, most by Zyklon B gas. Inside here worked numerous Nazi Collaborators who became prominent Kapos, and who after the war switched over, either to Stalinism, or Capitalism.

For Info on Auschwitz Vomitorium:
For Info on Sweden, Censorship and Persecution:
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