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Throwing in the Monkey Wrench on the Official State Story, Truth Monopolist, Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, faces reality

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Throwing in the Monkey Wrench on the Official State Story of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, faces Realpolitik for the first time.

Truth Monopolism (TM) gets challenged on ‘Truth’

A peaceful group at Dallas, Texas, is attacked by the Rawlings police, but tell the World that there is another side to the possible State manipulated story of John F. Kennedy’s death.

A group of public informers such as and other valiant warriors for peace and truth assembled at Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 2013, showing the World there is possible another story to the official history surrounding the assassination of John F Kennedy.

NOTA BENE: For some 70 years Stalinism was able to cover-up the Katyn Massacres in Poland, and still today, the Auschwitz Vomitorium, with head, Piotr Cywinski, is able to do so. A veritable Believe It Or Not.

Maybe if Dallas, Mayor, Mike Rawlings would not have acted so foolishly in Stalin manner, much of the world would still be in ignorance.


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