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Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, feels Censorship is good and Free Speech a bunch of trash! Who is next in line for Censorship?

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Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, feel Censorship is good and Free Speech a bunch of trash

Who is next in line for Censorship?

On the day of Kennedy’s assassination I was doing missionary work for the Jehovah’s Witnesses, to the Jews and other faiths. We had been busy in spreading information about the Roman Catholic Church and its denial of Free Speech and persecution of others.

Kennedy’s death put me in an awkward position and bewildered me. What really got me wondering however; was, when Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by the Jewish gangster, Jack Ruby. The whole thing seemed so fishy to me.

Ever since I have had an interest in the death of John F. Kennedy. I suspected the official version was yet another Government cover-up of which I had seen so many of in my field work.

What few Americans know however, is, that, secretly behind the American public’s back, the USA Foreign Office has been busy in helping to introduce stringent Censorship laws into France, Germany, Sweden, and elsewhere. And not the least, to Islam countries.

Thus, through American enforcement, Sweden, adopted harsh Censorship laws, after its Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, introduced American concocted Censorship laws in 1949. Zetterberg later committed suicide. His wife did likewise. Both were drug abusers.

In Germany, America got introduced a law, making it now possible that by you just DOUBTING, you can get a 5 years jail sentence.

Such activities by the American Foreign Office is never spoken of in USA. Not even the so called Alternative Media dare discussing it. It’s seems to be totally taboo in spite of its Constitution with First Amendments and Article 1.

When people are so little awake of what is going on around them, we should not be surprised, that such potentates as Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, will demand total submission and loyalty to whatever new whims he fancies. George Orwell is 1984 long since beyond us. While Europe slept, they got into their hands Censorship laws from USA which now turn every citizens into a Terrorist just because he wants to be left alone.

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  1. It is a good thing that you´re against censorship. But what about self-censorship?
    Aren`t you censoring yourself when you hide your tricky-dick behind a peace of cloth?

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