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Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC): This is one way in which they are carried out

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Pension Fraud Crimes: This is one way in which Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) are carried out

Will the real Mr. Flug please stand up!

1. The pension crime perpetrator must be willing to take certain risks as detection is possible by betrayal, false friends, renegade friends and family relations, political scam acts, etc.
2. The subject, the crime perpetrator takes up various names. Sometimes just given names or both family and given names are used.
3. The more backward the country of crime activity is, the easier it is to trick and lie. Thus countries as Israel, Latin America, Asia, Africa, were preferred places.
4. All the pension crime perpetrator needed to do was to say he was a HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR. That was sufficient in the West. In Communist countries you couldn’t get away so easy and at least six criterion had to be fulfilled before you was considered a bona fide subject.
5. You get hold of a lawyer or notary who is loyal to you. He knows he will get some of that money when he helps you. He lets you know how you falsify records.
6. Through friends such Synagogue members you are instructed in how to make false claims. The lawyers and notaries will help you further out.
7. You will now get your pension which will come to you by arrangements with you. If more fictive people have been put into the crime, they will also now get the stolen loot. Even if they are made to live in a different country. The pensions will be obtained by false physical persons.

SOURCE: The Pension Fraud Crimes of: Ignatz Bubis, Ed Fagan, Alexander Ginsburg, Bernard Madoff, Robert Maxwell, Werner Nahmann, etc. All these men have either directly, or indirectly been used for huge Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC).

Anyone can call oneself a HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR. That is why this particular crime is so easy. Also, there have been several groups claiming to be the right International Auschwitz Committee, due to ideological differences. Some are Stalinist leaning, others Capitalist leaning, while others are religious leaning such as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

On the question of Lodz, the originator of Exterminationism, the HEC Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, claimed on Gospel Truth that there was only one Jew left in Poland. Hitler had supposedly killed most of them, 5 million, at Belzec in Poland.

Christoff Heubner, also Hubner, was a Stalinist who frequently went, and was invited behind the Iron Curtain and connected with the Aktion Suhnezeichen. Flug was a former Kapo and Nazi Collaborator.

Virtually all these ‘organizations’ are organizations lead by one man alone. Such as the Flug type.
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