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Islam writer jailed under false charges and to cover up huge Pension Fraud Crimes. Sweden in a new International scandal

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Islam writer Ahmed Rami of Sweden falsely jailed and scandallized, was jailed, to cover up massive Israel Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)

Devoid of scruples the Pension Fraud Crimes fraudsters can get away with murder

Sweden involved in a new International Scandal

Main witness against Ahmed Rami, was an American Seditionist Rabbi who had promised to follow the Constitution, but instead became a Seditionist, Rabbi Morton Narrowe

American Constituion, First Amendments, Article 1, prohibits Limited Censorship. But the Rabbi considered them a peace of trash

Why did Sweden hold an illegal Censorship trial against Ahmed Rami and his Radio Islam? Secret documents no reveal Sweden did so in order to cover-up for huge Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC).

At the same time Sweden illegally jailed Ahmed Rami, Sweden was busy telling the Islam world, warning them about using Censorship.

Sweden is today in war against Afghanistan and teaching Afghans to respect Free Speech and the crime of Censorship, while secretly having and applying them!
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