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Cheating students more likely to want Government jobs. Our politicians and their Crimes

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Cheating students more likely to want Government jobs in Europe

Studies show that cheating students often end up as politicians and in Government jobs in Europe. In fact, some observants claim, that cheating is virtually a must to enter politic and have Government jobs. If so, they are only proving the in England living, Mandeville, right. He claimed cheating and other crimes was the very essence of the State.

In the last years, one politician after the other has been involved with some sort of money racketeering. In fact, it seems so, that the circle is now being renewed. With the same people in charge, the process of crime is getting a new circle.

The very institutions are often the leaders of crime. Thus, ICEAH, International Center for Education About Auschwitz and the Holocaust, insist on lying to the public, stating that Stalin’s fake ‘gas chamber’, the Holy Shrine at the Auschwitz Vomitorium is for real, and as far as for the Auschwitz Swimming Pool it still holds a closed door. As for the Palestinians, they are to be exterminated in accord with the Doctrines of HEC Cult and Exterminationism.

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