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Islam take up on German and Sweden stringent Censorship laws brought in via United States

Twitter user gets jailed

Kuwait took up on German and Sweden harsh Censorship laws, implementing corrupt German Judge, Thought Terrorist (TT), Ulrich Meinerzhagen decision in jailing and torturing Ernst Zundel for five years for ‘doubting’.

Kuwait gives five years jail to Twitter user for offending people.

Kuwait has so far not gone as far as Germany which now jails people for 5 years for the mere act of ‘doubting’!

Maybe this is the only ‘high European culture’ that Europe can give to the Islam world? After all, crime is so rampant in Europe today that no politician has escaped to be dragged into it. And while all this is going on, Sweden is preaching to the Islam world ‘to respect Free Speech and tolerance’. All this while its politicians tolerate so little that even a little cartoon can offend them, sending people to jail and torture. There is progress indeed in Afghanistan which now is at the receiving end of War Crimes implemented by Sweden Carl Bildt and others.

Preview of “Welcome 12”_12

Germany and Sweden give 5 years of jail and torture for this cartoon. So beware! The cartoon was presented in Sweden as proof of ‘offending people’! And its Supreme Court Agreed! We are beyond Orwell 1984 now.

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